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Hollywood- First to Ban Declawing!

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Bodlover asked me to post this for her:

Hey Jeanie, I just got this article through email, and I thought it might
be nice to post it on TCS - if it hasn't been already Its about
declawing being banned in Hollywood,

Here is the article:

City Council Cat Declawing The West Hollywood, CA City Council has unanimously approved a
resolution condemning cat declawing and will soon vote on legislation banning the practice. If the ban is enacted, it would be the first of its kind to go into effect in the United States.

City Councilman John Duran, who has had the claws of several of
his cats removed, proposed the ban after learning that declawing is a surgical procedure that does not only involve removing a cat's claws. It's the equivalent of removing a knuckle off of a human
finger," said Duran. "Had I known that, I would have sought alternatives."

"I've lived with cats for many years and would never dream of
subjecting them to this needless, painful mutilation," said famed actress and animal welfare advocate Bea Arthur.

Declawing is banned in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and most of
Europe, except in cases of medical necessity.
© 2002 Animal News Center, Inc.
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It's the first step in the US to make people aware that it's a horrible procedure. I have my fingers crossed!!
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Yay!! Great news. I hope to see more and more cities, counties and nations following suit. I believe we are the last western nation to allow this horrible torture.
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That is fantastic news. I hope more towns & cities will follow suit. Wouldn't it be great if declawing was eventually banned worldwide?

I was looking at a breeder's webpage the other day, and on it, she actually recommends declawing cats. Ewwwwwwwwwww. I don't know how anybody could recommend it.

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