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kitty has bone cancer

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I have come to find out that one of my significant other's cats has bone cancer in one of her legs. She has been limping and they took her to the vets, ran the tests and this was the result. She was told that she had the option of amputating the leg or putting kitty to sleep. I am not versed on the subject so I am wondering what the quality of life is for kitty afterwards? I have seen a number of dogs that can function just fine but I am not sure how cats adapt? Kitty is only five years old so it is by no means an old cat. My worries are also what if we find out in six months to a year that it is back in some form or fashion and attacks another limb or organ? Another concern is how much attention will kitty require in the short and long term? Both of us work full time jobs, leaving early and not returning home until sometimes 8 or 9 pm. I would not want to leave kitty alone and it would be needing our attention when we are not able to be there for it. Sorry for all the questions but this is new territory to me, I do not want to upset her with all these questions but I thought I had better seek advice. Thanks guys and gals.
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Cats can and do thrive on three legs; and as with all living beings, one never knows for sure what the future will be. If it was up to me, I would definitely opt to give her every fighting chance. Visit http://www.bestfriends.org and see some special-needs cats; you can email them and they will most likely give you some good and encouraging information about "tripod" felines. GOOD LUCK, and may she live long and have much love and good care!
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The question really is whether they can be sure they get all the cancer. Many cats live just fine with three legs and can run and even jump, but of course should not be let outside. But I know that in humans bone cancer is incredibly painful, so I would not allow one of my cats to continue to suffer from it, especially as cats hide pain very well. So I would opt for the surgery if there is a good chance of full success, and monitor the cat very very carefully afterwards.
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Agreed. Three-legged kitties do very well. It's almost as though kitties come with a spare leg, just in case!
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