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Im not sure this is the right forum for this...

Has anyone else got problems with static electricity and their cats? It only seems to happen to my older kitty in winter time, but as the temperatures are dropping, he's becoming a walking hazard! Everytime he rubs up against anything metal I can hear him crackling, and when I pick him up I get the uncomfortable shocks through my hands. It cant be nice for him either!!
We seem to get a lot of static in our house in this season, so we have an anti-static spray that reduces it on our clothing. I dont want to spray this onto the cat, as Ive no idea what it contains.
Does anyone know if changing his food might help? Or know of a spray/shampoo that is cat friendly that would reduce it. He's currently on a mixture of wet food, with dry food thats formulated for healthy skin and hair because he was getting very dry skin at one point. Id love to help him out without taking him off that food because it seemed to be doing him good until now

Ignore this post!! I found the same thing in Care and grooming, sorry to be a forum idiot Feel free to delete this if you know how...