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Enclosing the balcony for safe outside time... ideas?

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I live in the 3rd floor apartment of my parents home and thats where we (the dogs, Petrie, and I) spend a majority of our time.. So, I have steps outside going up to the 3rd floor.. It's a small porch type thing and I want to close it in so that in the spring and summer, I can leave the door open and let Petrie (and the girls) out to get fresh air but not worry about them running away, getting attacked, etc... There is lattice (sp?) around the front (that faces the street) and I was thinking of continuing it all the way around and putting a swinging door where the steps start to go down to the ground. I don't have pictures to describe what I'm talking about... If I'm confusing, I'll take some pics tomorrow..
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Well if there is a Home Depot or Lowes around you could consider buying a roll or many depending on area of chicken wire which might end up being too flimsy or a roll of hardware cloth wire. This rolls can be purchased in various heights and lengths. To disguise the wire in the summer you could plant climbing annual vines (like morning glory) in pots.
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my husband installed something called mosquito curtain to keep bugs off the covered deck and to keep abi inside. it wouldn't work with a really frisky cat but abi never bats at it or tries to climb it. for under $200 we have a screened in deck that looks elegant and lets abi spend all day outside in the summer.

here is a link:

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We used lattice to enclose our front porch and bought at screen door to create a cat enclosure for our cats.

In this picture you can see the screen door leaning on it's side.

This is the view from the outside.

We have since added more cat trees and high perches for the cats.
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I love these ideas! I think I'm going to do some lattice and do the hanging pot plants as well!! I'm sure Petrie would go right through misquito curtain if there was a birdy or bug on the other side.. lol

Now, when it rains and everything, do you bring your cat tree inside and away from the elements?
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Before you buy anything, what's the floor like on this 3rd floor balcony? I've got a buddy who lives on a 3rd floor apartment and out back he has a fire escape platform that he considers a "mini deck," and even though he tries to keep his 2 cats away from it when he's out there, sometimes they sneak out.

They're instantly terrified that they're suddenly very high up and can see through the "ground," to another ground WAY down there. So they just stand there looking down, mesmerized, not moving.

I imagine that over time they could get used to it, but if your cats aren't used to being outside it may take some coaxing. I've got another friend who has a very spooked cat, and even when he leaves the door open and encourages his cat to step into the back yard, she just stands where the door would normally be and looks out, never taking a step further. She's got her space and she likes it that way

I'd just hate for you to spend a lot of time and/or money getting something set up only for the cats to never use it!
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It is a mini deck, I guess.. But its like a regular porch, I just have my separate entrance with steps all the way up..

He loves being outside and tries to sneak out so I'd rather just close it in. That way he can be outside and everything but nothing can get him and he won't run into other cats. Our yard is fenced, so its not like stray dogs could get in our yard but I don't want him near the stray cats or running loose. Plus, I'd like to have an area for my yorkies to go out and sun bathe.. They don't go outside (my last yorkie was stolen).
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