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Widget, my agressive one's story.

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Widget was only 3 weeks old when he was sold to me. Being I was new to cats when I got him, 6 years ago, I did not know to not trust the breeder when he said he was 8 weeks old. I kept him alive over night with pedilite and the next day the vet gave me special formula to bottle feed him which I did for the new couple of weeks until he was able to eat soft food. He would sleep in the crook of my neck and was a little furry puff ball of love.

Widget did not know how to purr and still does not to this day. Sadly over the years he's become more and more aggressive and frankly I was at my wits end, so I contacted a Maine Coon rescue group thinking I was going to have to give him up. Widget was just being too mean to my Pixel Puss and my husband. Both had scars.

Then the lady there emailed me back and asked me if I had ever tried a squirt gun, and I said yes so she responded back well how about herbal medicine?

Long story short I started Widget out on this liquid herbal stuff you can get at GNC called "Rescue Remedy" and Widgets aggression has gone down from a 10 (on a scale of 1-10) down to a 3!! I mean he still will occasionally play to rough with Pixel, but he has NOT even hurt my hubby anymore or myself. I can't believe it. I just give him half a dropper full every day and it keeps the claw's away! LOL

I would not have believed this if I didn't try it for myself. He's been on it now for 2 months and he's even back to sleeping in my hair at night!
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COngratulations! I'm so glad you found something that works!
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