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A nice thought.

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After losing Amber on Friday we have just recieved a pretty card with a stencil drawing of a tabby on the front. Inside were the words,our deapest sympathy on the loss of your Amber.Best wishesfrom all the vets and nurses at the Bath Vet Centre.
And they were also kind enough not to put the invoice for the money owed yet. Also I have ordered for the wife a mug so she can use it at work.

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That was really sweet of them. My vet's office sent a card after we lost Molly.
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I thought it was, you sometimes hear stories of how people treat the death of a human and show no sympathy to that persons family. Its what I call professionalism as well
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Awwwww isn't that so lovely!!!
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That is so sweet of them!
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That is lovely, my vet's office sent a card and a donation to the SPCA when Duke died. It's always nice to know they care
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That is sooo sweet! We had a elderly kitty, Kiki, PTS because her kidneys had completely failed and there was nothing that could be done. Her vet's office sent us a beautiful sympathy card. It seems that vet offices have more class than people doctors sometimes. I didn't receive anything when my mom died from her doctor.
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Yes it is nice to receive a card from your vet after a loss. I got a really pretty card when I lost my Flippy back March. The card has a special place in my kitty photo album on Flip's memorial page....
It is nice when our pet are acknowledged for just how important they are or were in our lives.
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My vet back home in Wisconsin used to send out "sympathy" cards too, after I lost a pet. I thought it was a really sweet thing to do..

Your wife is going to LOVE that cup! My s/o got me a cup like that w/ Geronimo's pic on it for my birthday, and it's one of my most valued possessions! But don't be surprised (or let down) if she cries when she first sees it: if you just lost your furbaby, she's probably still grieving, and she'll get all sentimental on you. But trust me - she's gonna love it!


P.S. You're a sweet & thoughtful guy for doing that for her!
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That is so sweet! I'm definetely keeping that in mind when I finish school and start working at a vet's place. Professional and heart warming.
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Awww, how nice of them
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Oh how nice! We too got a card when Glory and Tiger passed. I really like the mug you ordered for your wife. That's a precious keepsake she can always keep around and use.
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