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Kitten Growing Up?

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Mollie, my alomst 8-month old tuxedo cat, seems to be changing her early morning behavior; she seems to be much more calm, and less insistent that I play with her NOW (she's not biting my nose nearly as often!). Does this mean she's leaving kittenhood behind? It makes sense to me, but Mollie is my 1st kitten. Otherwise, she is her usual energetic, loving, fun, sweet, sqeaky self. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Did you just get her spayed recently? She is of the age to be spayed, and once they are they tend to calm down a bit. Plus, she is getting older and more sure of herself that where she is, is a really good place and her trust factor is coming into view. I am going to move this to behavior where others will also chime in.
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Thanks, Hissy. I adopted Mollie from our local shelter in mid-October. Mollie was spayed in November, so I don't think that's an issue. I get the feeling she IS feeling more comfortable with herself, me and my other furbaby, Suni.
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I wouldn't put 100% on her growing up. I have found that most of my cats act like a kitten until they are 3 or more. My guess is that she is feeling relaxed and at home with you. She has found her spot in the house
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Silas is 8 months and I've noticed a change in his behavior too. When he plays he is still a wild maniac, but he is becoming more cuddly. He will walk up to anyone with a lap and curl up it it.
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