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What am I going to do?

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Hi, I work as a security guard and am currently doing a contract at a large abandoned house on a huge piece of property. A few months ago, a stray cat started showing up. He was very afraid of me and wouldn't come within about 20 metres. He looked a little underweight so I started bringing cat treats to work and would throw them in his direction. He would obviously run away at the sight of my throwing-arm. I noticed one day on the security cameras that he was returning to where I would throw the snacks. Over time he became less afraid of my presence and we would sit out in the yard together, still maintaining a large distance of personal space. I guess it occurred to him one day that I played an important role in his survival and he just walked up to me and rubbed his face on my leg (as they do). We've been hanging out every day for about 3.5 months now and he hasn't missed a full meal yet (I bring full bags of cat food now). There's alot of neighbouring houses in the area outside the large property but I'm certain that he's homeless - he's not neutered and he spends most of the day on the property (I checked with the other guard). The problem now is, the contract I'm doing is almost over and I have to decide what to do. The property is so large that it is like a park - tall pine trees, acres of grass, birds, squirrels you name it, he spends hours out there.. I'd prefer not to take him away from all that. But the only other choices are my bachelor suite in the middle of busy downtown or the animal shelter - both of which would no doubt put and end to his freedom. If I leave him on the property he might die of starvation - it's now going into winter and I can't be sure that one of the near by homes would adopt him as I did... What should I do?
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I vote for taking him home with you! You'd be amazed at how well a lonely, starving cat can adapt to being indoors sometimes. At least he would be warm and have food and water and if it doesn't work out, you could find him a home on a farm somewhere! Bless you for befriending this lonely little soul!
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Originally Posted by taterbug View Post
I vote for taking him home with you!
I agree You've made yourself a good little friend there, and one that i'm sure is so grateful that your taking care of him, so all he needs now is a nice soft warm bed
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I third take him home! He has only known the outdoors, but I highly doubt he would mind giving up never knowing where/when the next meal is, being outside in the cold, tomcat fights.....trading all that for the life of luxury in your place. Having someone who loves him to care about him.
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take that baby home

you'll both be glad you did.
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Love plus consistent food is an INFINITELY better deal than however many acres he has to roam at that place. He'll be fine in your apartment with you -- and you'll make a lot of folks here happy when we hear he's become part of your household!

Cats who've had to survive outdoors on their own are in heaven when they get to be indoor cats. All my cats were rescued and my oldest one, who died recently, was living outside for a pretty long time on his own -- and he was blissfully happy to be indoors (with a constant supply of food) at last. (I live in a tiny downtown city apartment, too.) It really is a miracle how that cat's life will change if he gets to go home with you and both you and he will be happier every day for it.
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My cat Lilly had been a stray living on the streets of Seattle for some time before I adopted her. She LOVES being an indoor only cat and never runs for the door, etc. She truly appreciates her new life and it is obvious she doesnt want to have to be back outside fending for her life.

If you can, please give the cat a forever home....you will have a companion that will love you for the rest of it's life.
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