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Big Feet

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I was wondering, are cats like dogs when it comes to their paws? I know puppies with big feet are going to get big. Is this the same for kittens? My kitten has pretty large feet, and he seems to be growing into them so far. But they are still huge!! Just wonderin!
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My kitty had huge paws when he was a baby and as you can see from my many Pics of Roo he is a big guy (approx. 20 pounds). He still has big feet but I think he's stopped growing, he's 2 1/2 now. So, for me, I think it's the same for cats and dogs.
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I think it's the same too. Trent always had big paws, still does, and he's a pretty big boy. Ophelia has dainty little paws - she's 3 and her paw prints still look like a kitten's - and she is very petite.
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I don't think thats true. Peppurr is 15 pounds and he has small paws. He is 3 feet long! My newest addition, Rascal, has HUGE paws! He is 3'2" long and weighs about 10 pounds. My female, Mimi, has big paws and she is so small. She is the size of a 6 month old kitten. She is almost 2. I think it's true for some cats, but not for others.
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I think it's somewhat the same on a different size scale. Most of my cats that start out with bigger paws ended up about 10-15 pounds. My Maine Coon has had huge feet from birth....lol, of course he will probably get about 22 pounds. Also, if you have a polydactyl, they can be fairly small and thier paws are huge.
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Seems to be true at my house. Sunshine has big paws and she is a fairly big kitty, about 12 lbs or so. Snuggles has tiny little paws and is quite petite and dainty.
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Leo had what looked like clown feet when he was a kit. They were huge! He grew into them and more. When he was at his biggest, he weighed 22 lbs. His paw could almost cover the palm of my hand. He panicked and scratched my face once, and the claw marks were 1/2 inch apart. I miss my big boy. I wish I could find another beautiful red tabby boy that big.
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