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Not again

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Soo I need to rant...

I haven't been on much lately - school and work have been super hectic, but I've been managing...

I don't know if any of you remember the thread I posted a while back about being really stressed and what you do for a quick fix. Well I mentioned in that thread that my car had gotten broken into and guess what, it happened again last night

I came out to my car to leave for work this morning and I opened the passenger door first to put my stuff inside. I noticed that my hand lotion had been moved from the glove box to the seat and then I noticed that the mass card I had clipped on my visor with my gate opener was on the drivers seat, and my gate opener was gone!! The drivers side door was unlocked AND my overhead light had been left on. I was so upset I ran back into the apartment to tell Jon without even looking to see if they took anything else. When I got back I noticed they had also stolen our radar detector and rummaged through my trunk and only took some oil and coolant.

I am at my wits end with this car!! I hate that if you own a Honda you are constantly having to worry about whether your car is going to be there or not because the parts have such a demand I can't afford this, esp. at this time of year

Ok rant over... sorry if it was not understandable and too long, I am just so upset!
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Aww sorry to hear about all your car troubles, we know how that is!
Can't believe those bad people stole your stuff Thats horrible!
Rant all you need to! Thats what we are here for
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Sounds to me like you need to invest in a car alarm. It would be cheaper than having to replace things that get stolen.

How do they gain access to your car anyway? Don't you lock your doors? From what I know about cars today it's not as easy as sticking in a bent coat hanger and pulling up the door locking pin.
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They make these cheep "door" alarms and sell them at Target/Wallmart etc, that might be worth looking into. Basically it's battery controlled and you just put one end on one side of the door and the other on the opposite side, if they are separated a loud alarm goes off. You could install it inside your car door. Now this wouldn't keep someone from breaking your window, or even stopping them but the sound of the alarm might scare them off.
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