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Pre-Surgery Bloodwork

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Hi all,
I found this site through Google and I must say, there's a wealth of information here.

I've got 2 kittens, both 5 months old today. My vet recommended I get bloodwork done for these two - at $60 bucks CDN each - before they get spayed and neutered.. What's the general consensus on this - is it necessary? They're both the same age, no major work done up to this point other than immunization and a few needles.

I was told to get their big surgeries done when they turn 6 months, but unfortunately they'll be under the care of a cat-sitter on their 6 month birthday. I won't be back until Jan 2, would that be ok, or will I come home to a preggers female that her twin brother boinked? Will they be spraying while I'm away?

Thanks in advance,
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I think pre-op blood work is a necessary evil. My vet did pre-op blood work on Cleo before her spay surgery (at 6 months old) and found out that she had renal failure. By doing the blood work, the renal failure was discovered, and she was able to use a more kidney friendly anesthesia. Cleo might not have survived the surgery, if not for the pre-op blood work. Cleo is now 7 1/2 years old, and thriving even with the CRF diagnosis.

Some vets are willing to do a spay or neuter earlier than 6 months, depending on the weight of your kittens. You might be able to wait on the spay if you are able to get your little boy kitten neutered before you go on vacation. Good luck!
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I would talk to your vet about spaying/neutering earlier as you are to be gone.

As for the bloodwork, I guess I would go ahead & do it. You never know what they may discover.....something that might save their lives.
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My personal opinion about the pre-surgery blood work is that I would rather be safe than sorry, and I go ahead and pay for it.
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Pre-surgery bloodwork is designed to pick up congenital conditions, and any other wacky illness (such as FIP) that might be running under the radar. Probably less than 1 in 1000 apparently healthy young animals have abnormalities that would result in changes, but if your critter is that one in 1000 it can make a BIG difference. Its up to you if you want to play the odds or not.

If you are strapped for cash, I would ask your vet to do a PCV and a total protein... probably for about 10 bucks. If you have the money for the pre-surgical bloodwork, then I would do it. And don't feel like its wasted if it comes back normal either. That bloodwork goes into your pets permanent record and will serve as a baseline for any future conditions that may come up. Its quite common for kittens to do something sillly like swallow some string and need surgery, and if its less than 6 months from now, the current bloodwork would be very helpful for just such a condition.
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Thanks.. I called the vet again today and they are recommending not to do it now.. 2 months ago when I had them in for shots they were trying to sell me on it, and 2 months later they change it? What gives?

They said it wasn't so much necessary for kittens as it was for dogs.
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Eh... I think it just varies from hospital to hospital. Cats have just as many congenital conditions as dogs, so I think it is equally important. It can also depend on who you talked to. Some people are better salesmen, others know the true quality, and others feel that every young animal is healthy and won't push it.
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