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New Drawings from Nancy Draw aka Nenners!

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We have Snowball and Cooper, Lazlo and Gizmo. Janine these are OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!
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WoW! You must have run out of the house like a bat out of hell for those Mary Ann! I just sent them!They look better in person. Keep in mind it's a pencil drawing sent via fax. The fax machine takes out subtle shades and intensifies others.Enjoy!
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Actually I drove- had I run, I would still be running......

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Ohhhhhh...those are beautiful!

I hope one day I get to participate!!!!!!

I am envious. You guys are sooooo lucky!
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The hope is that this will be the first of many. Time will certainly tell if that is possible.
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Wow - most people have such a hard time with
cats but you are doing such a wonderful job! I can't wait to see Loki's drawing. Don't make me wait to long I am already sitting on pins and needles.
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gee Helen, and all this time I thought you were sitting on a computer chair? I agree, I can't wait to see my Smudge!
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Those are fantastic!!! OMG, I can't WAIT to see my Baby Doll Ophelia!
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Ohhh cute!!!

Thank you
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Dang, those are FANTASTIC! Good job Nenners!
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What great pictures Janine! But, now I have to wait to see Ivo
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Nenners, the drawing of Snowball is excellent!! Thank you so much!
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Wow! Those are all AMAZING!!! Nenners-you did and excellent job!!!
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Yipeee!!! Just emailed the last two photos and poems to Nenners- Thanks everyone for being so quick to respond to this incredible offer I can't wait to see the final result!

And Nenners, thank you for your A-W-E-S-O-M-E talent and for sharing it with all of us! Watch your mailbox you have Bodlover's and Anne's cats coming to you soon.......
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I am wondering if Nenners does this for a fee. I would love ot egt on eof these for my site of one or more of my cats.
Denise Russell
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NENNERS!!!!! Those are just AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see Merlin's!!!!!
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Those look great. Want my Rowdy, though.
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Sorry Cindy, I only got those cats to show this time......I think Nenners is torturing some of us don't you?
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Can't wait to see mine!!!!!
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Maybe if we hold our breaths until we turn blue, we might get our pictures faster? Just joking!!!!
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very cool! They are so detailed!
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Wow!!!! Nenners - they look fabulous as is!!!! That's my Lazlo! You'd think you'd met him! So you're really talented AND really wonderful! I can't wait to see everyone's pics!

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I just faxed new drawings over to Mary Ann! Now that you know, I bet the suspence is really killin ya!
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