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Cat ghost

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My boyfriend swears that his RB cat, Cato, comes to visit him. I believe him. My bf is visually impaired so he doesn't see him, but can feel him jump on the bed or the sofa. Anyone else have an experience like that?

Also, my BF is worried that is he sells the house and moves that Cato's spirit will not be able to go with him, that it's attached to the house and not to him.

BTW - He has the cat's ashes, so I don't know if that makes a difference. And he dreams that Cato visits him, too. Very realistic.
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Wow, I would believe that. I think some members have sensed their cats around after they go to RB.

Awwww I'm not sure about moving though...but if you think about live cats..they seem to find the right home all the time So, maybe in this case it would be the same?
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Mitten (my first cat) has visted me a few times since he died in early 1980's. And this was NOT in the house he died, so they are not bound by houses/places

I was "catnapping" and felt a cat jump on the bed, walk up behind me and lay down and against my back. I had rexes at the time and thought that I had not shut the door. So I slowly rolled over to see which rex was there.

NO rex was in the room - the door was shut tight. But I felt the body and warmth of Mitten and a little indintation too. Got up and went downstairs to find all the cats sleeping on the back of the sofa or in the chair - none had come upstairs
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We totally believe that could happen! The spirit of your BFs cat will travel with him
Don't worry about selling the house, wherever you go, the cats spirit will follow
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I believe these things happen! I remember in our last apartment, seeing a giant orange blur movement like a cat (my cat from when I was a teenager), my jenny cat was going nuts and she normally doesn't come out of our bedroom. what I saw was, jenny run out of our bedroom spastic like (when they go crazy in a playful way) I was in the bathroom between the bedrooms, then she ran in the other bedroom, saw orange cat (*Vincent*)run into the bedroom jenny had just ran into then jenny spazed out again running back into our bedroom. I've also had dreams him visiting and when I last stayed at my gramma's after she had lost Vincent I felt him jump on the bed as I was trying to go to sleep. When he died if was during surgery and my gramma called me at midnight (6 hour time difference), I know before even picking up the phone and it woke me in dead sleep I almost didn't want to pick upI didn't even know he had gone in for surgery either.
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Pets come visit just as often as relatives that have passed on. I see my RB kitty Shalimar all the time. She was an orange fluff ball and my boys are tuxedo and dark grey respectively. I also see my friend's doberman sitting under the table even tho she was PTS about 2 yrs ago.
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I would believe your boyfriend as well!

I remember and apartment I had in college had a ghost cat.

At first I thought it was one of the two cats my roommate had...then I remembered that I closed the door at night (one of her cats LOVED to sleep on my face). So I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling the bed moving along my a cat pacing.

One night I was falling asleep and had my hand hanging over the side of the bed...then I felt something swat it. By then I knew of the ghost and freaked out inside.
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Oh, I believe him. He has some vision -low vision - and sometimes he thinks he sees Cato out of the corner of his eye. Sometimes he dreams that Cato is standing on his chest, which the cat used to do.

He expressed his concern about the house just once - recently - then his eyes misted over and he changed the subject. If he brings it up again and ONLY if HE brings it up, I will give him some of your advice.

Thank you so much.
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I definitely believe it's possible. I have had many encounters with spirits (even human spirits), and a lot of times with animals I've had that have passed on. I will hear a meow when all the cats are laying next to me and very clearly asleep. I'll feel a tiny kitten come and lay on my leg while I'm resting... and none of the cats are around me. One of my RB dogs visits me often. Most times I see him out of the corner of my eye, but I feel him around me a lot.

His kitty's spirit will follow him, he doesn't need to worry about that.
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My cats that passed away has to visit to me BUT in dreams.....I swear that I can hear their lovely purrrrr............ but never I have seen a hauntin!......
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Personally, I have only had human spirits visit me - family members to be exact. I had a psychic tell me when I walked in the room that my dad was there with me. She didn't know he was gone; I didn't tell her anything about me.
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I`m a believer!

A few months ago my sister had to have one of her cats PTS and I said to her that lots of people say that a few days after they see or hear their cat and that they come back to say goodbye and make sure you are ok.

Anyway about 3 days later she txted me to say it was true and that evening she had sensed him then seen him in his usual place, getting under her feet!

He is buried quite a way from were she lives at the moment but he still showed up.
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I swear sometimes that Tab's presence is around. The other day the curtain moved, just like when she used to sit in the window, and it definately wasn't Mitzi because she was outside.
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