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Human snacks

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I ran across this article and thought people might be interested.
It is about what snacks to give your pets. Thought people could share about what their cats seem to like. My little Glitter goes crazy for the Pounce Drumsticks. I guess eating the same cat food everyday gets PRETTY boring!

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About 4 years ago, my dad bought 6 1-lb. boxes of chocolate Turtles, as Christmas gifts for his best clients. He thought that they were up high enough to be safe from their dogs. Somehow, Lucky (Basset hound) got to them and ate 5 whole boxes and part of the sixth.

The vet said that Mom got Lucky there, just in time. She was very close to liver failure and had to stay as an inpatient, for several days.

I'm a chocoholic (as is my dad) and am very careful to keep the candy out of Ike and Pearl's reach. These days, my dad keeps his candy, on the top shelf of his closet.

We give the dogs little bits of people food. They get leftover cornbread and biscuits and, occasionally, half a slice of bacon each.
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Silas loves yogurt, and black olives. Kind of strange, huh!
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Tigger likes salty things and stuff she can lick off a spoon. I don't think she likes the temperature of ice cream and that's probably why she doesn't eat it.

Roo just likes to smell everything before I eat it.
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Boo likes Cheez-its, and just about anything else. I gave her some turkey slices as a treat yesterday. Tiger LIKES tobasco sauce on scrambled eggs, and Jorin likes his veggies
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Is it strange for a cat not to eat people food? My one Siamese Grayski,will not touch it!All the other ones love it! Just wondering.
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I keep my cat away from human food, so I don't know how she would feel about it. Like I said, she seems to like the kitty snacks. Does anyone else use cat treats?
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Yeah we use the Pounce treats in the can Tuxie loves them
sometimes we give her a couple pieces of our dinner...but nothing sweet..lol
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I try to keep cat food for cats and keep the human food out of it. It's healthier and it keeps them from begging. My cats love the Pounce treats. I trained one to roll over using them. It took a while he's very smart and playful.
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