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Thanks for all the support everyone. I'm going to try to have a talk with him this weekend and see if we can both get motivated to eat better and perhaps even go exercise. Well, I need to exercise even though I know I can't get him to do it with me. We've had this discussion many times and he always ends up coming up with something more important that he has to do and messes up my workout schedule.

Kass, I would cook for myself but it's a matter of principle that he does the cooking. See, I work full time while he stays home. He doesn't do much if any housework. (I know, I know....) The one thing he does to pull a tiny bit of his own weight is cook dinner. If I start doing that then he literally has no responsibilties besides DJing once a week. I know it may sound like a cop-out on my end, but I'm a real stickler for the principle of things.

Oh, but you did touch on my other big downfall lately, the junk food. (Do you have a camera installed at my house??? :laughing2 ) Recently I've been buying all my favorite junk food, and yup it's sitting right by the couch in front of the TV. I need to just say no!
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I have fallen off the healthy living wagon lately. I wanted to work out tomorrow, but I'm sick, so I guess I'll get started again next week. At least I'm not hungry, so maybe I'll lose a few pounds.

Kellye, other salad ideas: mandarin oranges, almonds or other nuts in moderation, radishes, lite cheese, cucumbers.

Suni Jean, I have several tapes by The Firm. They are really good, you need hand weights and a step, and you get an awesome workout.

Heidi, Do you do the grocery shopping? I try to go by myself because we spend less, and eat healthier. I don't usually buy the junk food. Good luck talking with your hubby.
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Just wanted to revive this thread, cause I could use some motivation. I've been trying to exercise more, the good weather helps in that respect. I'm also drinking a lot more water, 10 - 12 glasses each day.
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I haven't seen this thread before, but I'm glad it's here! I'm trying to lose a little weight, too, but right now I can't go outside because of the pollen. (I am taking Claritin, Allegra, Benedryl, AND Tylenol, and still suffering miserably.) So, I'm trying to just eat less than normal, to make up for the fact that I'm not exercising as much.

I have a question, as far as drinking water goes, how does juice fit into the picture? I drink a fair amount of water, but really love juice. I know some have added sugars and stuff that make them unhealthy, but I've found that I actually prefer the kind with no added sugars. This kind of juice generally only has maybe 30 or 40 calories a cup, versus well over 100 calories in most types of juice. (Orange juice has a surprising number of calories.) So, does that go under the "fruit" category, or does it count for some of my water, too?
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Not to totally depress anyone, but I finally found how to calculate our Body Mass Index (BMI). This is the "new" way to determine how overweight people are, instead of just the height/weight chart. (Isn't this just a new formula to calculate the same thing???) This is from the Journal of the American Medical Association, as reprinted in the newsletter I get from my insurance every month.

Use your weight in pounds, height in inches.

1. Weight x 705 = A
2. A / height = B
3. B / height = BMI

The ideal is for the BMI to be 23 or below, with health risks rising at 25 and above. I don't even want to tell you what my BMI is right now. And here I thought I was doing better..... Well, I needed a kick in the pants to get motivated again anyway.

Aurora, I'm not sure how juice counts with regard to water intake. I've always counted it as a fruit, but I have a hard time finding fruits that I like. Maybe someone on a real program would be able to answer that better.

Brenda, thank you so much for reviving this thread!
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At least on the richard simmons thing, fruit juice is counted as a fruit.

Well, we've fallen off the diet once again. We've been working on a cat tree out at my parents house and eating out there. My mom's a good cook but does old-fashioned cooking, so there's quite a bit of fat. I haven't gained much, I'm still down 5lb from where I was when I started. I've gained and lost the same 3 lbs about 20 times.
We've stopped going to the gym, we're looking at just getting an exercise bike here. hope I can use it more.
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I'm trying a new exercise/eating program. It's by Jorge Cruise (he was on Oprah, maybe you saw it, I didn't), and it's called 8 Minutes in the Morning. You start your day with a weight workout, which takes 8 minutes. He also recommends walking or other aerobic activity at some point in the day.

I was going to go back to Weight Watchers, but I think I need a program which stresses exercise, like this one does. I have noticed that when I exercise on a regular basis, I lose more weight, even when I'm not so careful with eating.

Here's a link. I'm trying to ignore the fact that he has an informercial. Learned that after I bought the book.


I was telling my s/o about it, and he said, Why bother? He thinks I can't do it, since I've tried before. I actually lost weight, but gained most of it back because I wasn't exercising or keeping track of what I ate. I was very upset with him for saying that. In a way, it's a good thing. If I get a craving for something, I'll think of him, and want to prove him wrong!

I wonder if he thinks I'll leave him if I lose weight. He used to have dreams that I cheated on him, or left him. Maybe he's trying to discourage me from his own fear, who knows. So I will have to rely on all you good people to keep me honest and on track. I'll let you know how the first week went. I'm starting tomorrow.
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Hi Bren!
I have seen this book in the bookstore, but I never bothered to look, what kind of exercises does he recommend? I will look in the library.
Since I have moved, I have access to a 1/2 mile long driveway and I have no excuse not to walk every day!
Ive been spending all weekend outside, great excuse to say to myself, 'time to go for a walk' and to avoid the telly. Besides I was in a neighbourhood where i didnt feel safe walking around, but now Im way out in the country, I intend to walk every day.
I just need friendly reminders LOL!

Good luck bren!
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