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I always make my own Hummus. Just put chick peas, veggie broth, garlic, parsley, a little lemon juice, cayenne, pepper into a blender.

Way easy, and high in fiber and protein. Great veggie and non dairy alternative!

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Yea, its really easy to make!
The taste is scrumptious! I so love it!
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I've heard of hummus....never tried it though. Maybe some day I will.

Michelle! I remember how motivated you were and how well you were doing. Get your Gazelle out, dust it off and get back on track. You can do it. It's when you stop for a long time and try to start up again....it's so hard. I'm glad you are back.

Tomorrow is another day, a fresh start.....I am planning on eating healthy.
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I went and worked out tonight. Michelle, it's so hard to keep on track with the exercise, but I MAKE myself do it. Like tonight, I was thinking about skipping it but then remembered that tomorrow it's supposed to be super cold, and I know I won't leave the house in that. So I made myself get off my butt after American Idol and go to the fitness center. I feel so good after a workout, and each time I do it I actually want to work out again. Set a modest goal for yourself, that you will do the Gazelle twice a week. Do one of those on the weekend, and you only have one more time to fit in during the week, and five days to use those excuses.

I need to do better on the food thing. Today we had a lunch meeting and the office bought Chinese food. I love Chinese, and overdid it a bit. The good thing I can count for myself is that I'm not letting myself buy junk food much any more. I'm trying to find more healthy munchies.
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Kass - any news about your Core program book? I am still interested.
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I've used the Zone Diet (well, not strict but following about 80%) and I've found more protein/less carbs really helped me shape up. I also have more energy and feel better. It's hard for the first week but quickly becomes easy.
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Thank Guys for telling me to get off my lazy bum and work out!!LOL! Really though...I need some one to tell me these things once in a while. I AM going to work out tonight...no if ands or buts about it!
I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy this morning!! First of all, I forgot to do laundry last night and couldn't find a darn thing to wear for work this morning. Well, I dug a little deeper in the closet and found some pants that I haven't worn in...um...years? I thought I'd try them on just in case if they fit and low & behold...THEY FIT!! WHOOOO!! I looked at the size tag and it was a 14...I haven't fit into a 14 in several years. This really gave me some motivation to get back into shape. It felt so good to actually see the results even though I've been so bad lately. So...I'm definitely going to give it a go and stick with it.
Just had to share my good news with all of you!
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WOOOOHOOOO Shell! Way to go! That is great news! I wish I could say the same for myself.
But good on yah gal!
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Thanks Kell!
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Good for you Michelle!! Isn't it fun to be able to wear clothes that haven't fit (or fit right) in a long time?!? I'm not to the "years" ago clothes, but just being able to wear some of my sweaters without them being clingy has felt so good. Every once in a while I will pull out the old pants and give them a try again...I can't wait to have a day like yours!
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Way to go guys.....!!!! Good job! Keep up the hard work.

Personally, I am definately in need of a good kick in the butt. It's hopeless......
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Ok Ghys...I'm heading up to Canada right now to personally kick ya in the butt! You asked for it!!LOL! Just kiddin'! Couldn't resist that one...

Speaking of getting butts kicked...My Gazelle kicked mine last night! OUCH! I worked out for 20 minutes and did 30 situps...and today I'm in a world of hurt! Do you know how shin splints feel? Now put that pain in the back of your calves....Oh Brother does that ever hurt! I'm gonna have to rest up for a couple of days before jumping back on that machine...the pain should be gone by Sunday. Does anyone know of any good stretches for calves? Mine feel so tight right now...oh well, at least I know the pain is worth it in the long run!
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Shell and Ady!!! Congratulations to you both on losing weight!!!! It DOES feel so good to wear jeans you haven't been able to for awhile!!! I have been dieting also, and have lost 8 lbs so far, but still have quite aways to go to reach my goal!

I have a favor to ask someone. I have a friend who used to do Weight Watchers, and also thanks to Brenda here who sent me some of the things in the book, and Daniela who sent me the online points calculator I have been trying to do it, but it is difficult without the cardboard points calculator that I could even take to the store with me. My friend just dropped out of WW so she can't get one for me. Does anyone has access to one they could send me??? I would appreciate it sooooooo much!!!! *hugs*

My friend gave me this weight watchers recipe for Taco Soup that is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She changed a few things in it, instead of hominey she puts in corn, and instead of pinto beans she uses chili beans. Other than that it is the same as the WW recipe, and it is DELICIOUS and very low in points!!! I love it! Have any of you ever had it?
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does anyone here belong to Curves? how is it? I have such a hard time leaving the house, much less going to the gym, and I really need to exercise! Mike's talking about dropping the gym membership and getting an exercise machine, but I don't know where we'd put it! We have a small enough apartment!
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I am considering belonging to curves, still havent decided though.

I have an exercise machine that is gathering dust!
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Debby, next time I go to weigh in, (I'm a lifetimer now and have to WI once a month to maintain my status) I will get you one.

Myste, Daniela (dtolle) is a member of curves and I'm pretty sure she loves it. Hopefully she'll see this and post.
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Thank you, Thank you, Colby!!!! I have been trying to get ahold of one of these for a long time now!!!!!! Your a doll!!!!!
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what exactly is in those things Debby? are they handy? I would like to know, and how to get one.
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I know somebody just asked about Curves again. I actually replied earlier in this thread on page 2 about how I like it.

But I will say, I haven't been in a month I'm losing my motivation....actually I just haven't had time. But I'm heading back just as soon as we dig out from this darn blizzard.:tounge2:
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i tried out the exercises in the core program book that russian blue recommended and now my abs are sore. so I can safely assume that my muscles got worked up and its not even vigorous exercise! im impressed
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Kellye, did it take exactly 15 minutes like the book says? I'm still reading....haven't done anything other than the instant de-stresser pose and the facial exercies (which are funny! but....it makes my eyes sore)

Good going girl! Keep it up now!
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I took my time but i think it would take 15 minutes if you wanted to, I took about 30 minutes and I did more reps of the exercises that the book told me to.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
I took my time but i think it would take 15 minutes if you wanted to, I took about 30 minutes..........
Don't even ask me if I started it yet!!! But if I'm getting together with Ghys and Ady I better start!!

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Originally posted by Russian Blue

Don't even ask me if I started it yet!!! But if I'm getting together with Ghys and Ady I better start!!

Why? Does that me I better buckle down and exercise too?
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Actually, I need some kind of 'push' to get me started so this reason is as good as any other!

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Yikes! Must begin exercising....must begin exercising.....Must take out my hypnosis tape! :LOL: *whew* Okay.....so we have 4-5 months to do this huh?

Kellye, I think it will take me more than 15 minutes in the beginning anyways because I'll need to stop and look at the next pose each time I have to do a new pose.

Okay....I am starting tonight with the exercising!
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Core Program? I've never heard of it. I'm doing the Richard Simmons foodmover diet, and I even made it to the gym on Monday! I don't know if we'll make it today, Mike's out fishing with my dad.
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i thought, since today is the first day of the rest of my life, why not start by getting serious in losing weight!
I have drunk 8 cups of water already, and its only 12 noon. yippee...
i did my core program exercises and i feel good! I also did some biking on the stationary bike before doing the core exercises. im going to have hummus on pita bread for lunch.
im determined to lose this weight by summer.
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You go girl!!!!

Your my inspiration!!

(quickly hides the carmel chocolate pieces out of site)

Have to tone up before summer BBQ, have to tone up before summer BBQ...
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hehehe...my toning has begun! I've been really good over the past couple weeks. Surprisingly good. Normally I'd have quit by now but, I'm hanging in there. Changed my eating habits (but am allowing myself weekend treats) and, I am also reading the Core Program. Haven't started it yet though....that's my next step. Will also start walking outdoors soon if we can stop getting hit with snow storms. Waiting for the sidewalks to be clean and dry.

Myste, The Core Program is a book for women only. It has alot of Yoga poses etc....it's beneficial for your body, your mind etc....It is written by a Physiotherapist. And....it only takes 15 minutes of your day to do the exercises/poses. Kass let everyone know about the book way back when and then Kellye bought it and then she talked about it with me and then I bought it and then......hmmm....where was I?

Kellye! Keep it up. Kass is right. You are an inspiration. When you are motivated.....so am I
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