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Treats... Good or bad?

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I give Petrie treats every night before bed and sometimes during the day.. We've tried:

Pounce - Tuna Flavor (moist)
Pounce - Seafood Medley (moist)
Whisker Lickin's - Dreamy Duos Shrimp/Crab (crunchy w/ moist)
Whisker Lickin's - Tender Moments Tuna Flavor (moist)
The Goodlife Recipe - Salmon and Shrimp Bled (crunchy)
Feline Greenies - Tempting Tuna Flavor (crunchy)

He *DIES* for his crunchy treats!!! Are they okay to give him? Out of everything he likes (list above), is there anything I should choose over the other? Thanks for any input!
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of that list the greenies pass the ingrediant test...

though I am a bit more liberal with treats... SS sent Zoey many types ,,,, i opened the bag she tried to it was temptations beef flavor ... NO I dont like the ingrediants but she liked them and figuring that ten a day only = 3 pieces of her dry

Kandie liked the nutro max in tuna

www.catniptoys.com has LOTS of HIGH QUALITY treats
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I usually only give him one or two in the morning before I leave for classes .. if I don't have classes he only gets 5 at night before bed (bedtime snack )..

I've been experimenting and seeing what he likes.. He's very picky about what food he'll eat, so I'm going to try for some natural crunchy treats (healthy ones) when I go back to Petco...

Thanks for the link and your input! Greatly appreciate it!
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Out of those, Greenies are probably the best ingredient-wise but since they are just treats I don't think it's a huge deal anyway. I am pickier about food than treats.

Treats I currently have:
Meow Mix Moist Treats - Go Fish
Feline Greenies - Beef, Oceanfish
Halo Live-a-Littles - Salmon, Chicken (haven't tried these yet, the pieces are huge!)
Petrodex Dental Treats (I got these for free from my vet)

I want to try:
Nutro Max Gourmet Cat Crunchy Treats

I've tried but won't buy again:
Dried whitefish flakes (I think they are sort of like Bonito flakes?) - cat hated these

I've also tried the Temptations Hairball Control Cat Treats (I have 2 long-haired kitties). I don't like that they have petroleum in them but my cats don't like the natural hairball gel that I bought.
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Swanie loves the Royal Canin Indoor kibble as a treat. He loves to play "treat chase" in the morning. I have to toss him 5 or 6 pieces before he'll let me go downstairs in the morning. At least he's getting some exercise!
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I agree with what others have said, if the diet is otherwise good then a few treats aren't going to do any harm - as long as the cat doesn't have some sort of health problem/allergy with any of the ingredients

I have some really quite nasty treat sticks at the moment that came free with some food that I ordered, they wouldn't be my first choice of treat but when I get them out of the cupboard I am nearly crushed by the cat-stampede and then they stand on their hind legs trying to grab them out of my hands (with Sonic doing the Ori equivalent of an operatic aria just to make sure I know that he wants treats NOW!) And they only get those ones occasionally, it's not going to do any harm.
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I give mostly Greenies and Pitr Pats...she really loves these. I have some others, but I rarely ever reach for them.
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