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Dental Cleaning/Extraction Costs?

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I'm curious if you've had a dental cleaning or extraction done what did it cost you?

Twitch's was years & years ago....I believe it was $215 & that was at the pricey vet.

I won't go to Dr. Stupid....because he's a moron.

The sane vet I like who is reasonably priced I've got to call tomorrow for a quote.

I'm assuming they'll pull all teeth on the kitty in question. I'm probably not going to do bloodwork for a stupid reason, so it will be $65 cheaper than otherwise.
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It really depends on the vet and the types of anesthetics used. Three years ago, when Spot had an abscess drained, we did a dental at the same time. It was about $250 for both, and the vet used a ketamine mix for the anesthetic. When Odo has had his teeth done (twice since June 2006), he needed extractions. His dentals were about $400, and the vet used propofol and isoflurane for the anesthetics. The protocol used for Odo costs more, plus the extractions added a charge, and the vet had gone from being a low-cost vet to being a corporate vet, so the prices were substantially higher for everything. If the need for the dental isn't super urgent, you may want to wait a month or two. A lot of vets have special pricing for dentals in January and/or February.
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Our vet charges $125 for a cleaning but the cost goes up the older the cat - anything older than 6 years old has to have a monitoring system run when they are under.

Stumpy's extractions? We did it in 2 parts and I don't remember the exact cost of the first round but my guess is that the combined surgeries were about $1600 which included xrays to make sure that all the root fragments were removed. This was his entire mouth, including canines.
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Odo's did include x-rays too--I forgot about that. I now insist on x-rays every time, as kitty teeth are just too prone to splintering and leaving behind fragments that can cause infection.
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Kandie had a number from ages 12-17 one a yr... all cost between 250 and 350 with bloodwork

Curious how do they get xray s of cat mouths>>??
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Twitch never had x-rays, now I'm

The kitty in question is 4-5 years old.
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do a basic blood like cbc
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Connor is going in for blood work Friday. He needs to have numerous teeth extracted. I will let you know the costs when we get back. The surgery probably won't be for another week. We had blood work done a few months back and it was about 50-75$. My vet will not do the extraction without blood work. Hence the repeat for BW on Friday.
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Dental x-rays are done while the cat is sedated. I think the process is a lot like human dentistry, and often the same equipment is used:

Dental x-rays haven't been commonly done until recently. Odo didn't have them done at his first dental, but he did have them done during the second one. They were able to remove additional material from one of the sites where a tooth was removed the first time.
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Ask the vet for a breakdown of costs so that you can see how much they're charging for things like anaesthetic. The total cost tends to vary depending on which anaesthetic they use, whether the cat has an iv drip, blood tests etc. When Jaffa had a dental I was told they wouldn't know whether xrays were necessary until they had him anaesthetised and could look in his mouth properly. They did give me a breakdown of how much it would all cost at the outset though.
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Originally Posted by cloud_shade View Post
Dental x-rays are done while the cat is sedated. I think the process is a lot like human dentistry, and often the same equipment is used:

Dental x-rays haven't been commonly done until recently. Odo didn't have them done at his first dental, but he did have them done during the second one. They were able to remove additional material from one of the sites where a tooth was removed the first time.
thank you ... and great links
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We have a grading system for the dental scaling and the cost ranges from $65 to $150 depending on severity. Anesthesia, pre/post injections, and antibiotics would add another $144 to the tab. For a 4-5 year old cat, a blood chemistry and IV for an additional $110 would be recommended, but not mandatory. Extractions are $25/tooth, but the vet gives generous volume discounts.

These are NYC prices.
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Jamie just had a dental scaling last month, and the entire thing (no extractions) cost €102 = $150.69.
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At a bad vet's office, I paid around $120 for a stuck baby tooth extraction that was botched by the vet - they left part of the tooth in the gums. That was the "cheap" vet.

At another vet's office, one I no longer take my cats to, they were pushing a dental cleaning on me for Ginger, saying that she HAD to have it because she had terrible gingivitus. This was when she was just 6 months old! They wanted to charge me over $300 for the cleaning.

I said SEE YA!

(By the way, the next (and current) vet that I took her to said her teeth and gums looked healthy and just fine.)

DEFINITELY ask for a breakdown quote. I personally see the dental as one area where dentists can pad their revenues.
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vet care here tends to be a bit less expensive than other parts of the US. That being said to have bloodwork, cleaning and 8 extractions with x-rays cost me $486, six months ago.

This kitty has two teeth that we at first didn't look to need extraction, but the X-rays showed they were both cracked at the gum line. Not sure how that happened, but it was a good thing he had X-rays.

Oh, this cost also included three days of pain meds and a full course of clindamyacin.
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I just had my 5 year old male in for a cleaning in late October. The total was $188, which included the scaling, anesthetic, blood panel, a CBC, and I threw in expressing his anal glands, which was $18 (my poor boy, what a day he had). I'm in the western suburbs of Chicago.

I thought it seemed reasonable - and, being a new mommy, of course I called with questions when I brought Dante home, and both the tech and the vet chatted with me for a few minutes (plus about 20 minutes pre-treatment explanation). Wish I got that much personal time in with my doctors!

Oh, they also gave me a 6 week supply of some dental gel (name escapes me) - of course, I can't get near either of my cats with it!
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Tailer had his teeth cleaned and two extractions in September. It was $255 total, which included the anestesia, pre/post op injections, the procedure, and antibiotics. It didn't include the pre-op bloodwork because he had just had a full blood panel done a couple months earlier. (It didn't include the unnecessary follow-up visit a week later because his meowmy got nervous that he wasn't eating as much as usual and was afraid his teeth were bothering him. ) Tailer's about 9 years old. I'm also in the western suburbs of Chicago.
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I just called the vet clinic....they asked me if it was for me or the humane society, know me right off the bat.

The breakdown goes like this:
$37.50 for the actual cleaning
$38 for anesthesia
$8 hospitalization

To pull teeth, back teeth are $4 each, front(easy to remove) teeth are $2 each.

Pre-op bloodwork is $39 aimed for cats under 6 years, the extensive bloodwork they do on cats over 6 years I think she said is $49?

Anyways, we're looking around $150, maybe $200. Now I've just got to schedule it!
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It's set. This Friday the 30th Cow is having a dental cleaning/extraction. I let his vaccinations slide, so he's got to get his rabies & distemper then, too.

He has to be in between 8-8:30AM. Pick up about 4:30 that afternoon.

Can we get some ? He has had 4 surgeries in 2 years & he's only 4 years old. I'm worried.

All I want for Christmas are Cow's teeth pulled & that's what I'm getting!
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I just brought Cindy home from her dental. The total cost was $261 and the breakdown was:

Intravenous Fluids (optional) - $40.50
Outpatient Care - $9.00
Dental Prophylactic Polishing - $24.30
Dental Prophylactic Scaling - $58.50
Servo Anesthesia - Initial Unit - $45.00
Servo Anethesia - Add. Units - $22.50
Nursing Care - Anesthesia Recovery - $9.00
Preanesthetic Examination - $0.00
Complimentary Nail Trim - $0.00
Polyflex Injection for Surgery - $7.20
Pre-anesthetic labwork (optional) - $45

We got a $29 discount from the vet; I don't know if that's reflected in the breakdown or now.

Fortunately, she didn't need any extractions, but the cost for that is:
1 Root - $10.80
2 Roots - $28.80
3 Roots - $45.00
Canine - $58.50

The initial quote they gave me said the actual total may be between $201.44 and $505.54.
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Wow! My vet is cheap for extractions....only $2-4 per tooth!

Good to know pricing & such though, because Damita is in need of a dental, too.
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