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pict of Jean-Claude aka "NubbyButt"

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I can't remember if I found this site before or after the problems with Jean-Claude.
I came home one evening and found him splatted on teh floor groaning.
He spent a week in ICU, he had a high fever (108) that woudl not stay down and horrible cellulitis. His skin swelled so much (from the waist down) that it split.
the split on his tail would not heal, and his tail began rotting off so we amputated it. He is doing wonderfully now, happy and healthy again.

The vets don't know what happened to cause all this, there were no breaks or fractures, tho there was a lot of brusing. no signs of a bite on him anywhere. they suspect maybe soem kidn of spider - a blackwidow leaves a small black mark that could have been lost on his already blue skin, and I do know we have blackwidows around here.

I have to admit his little Nubby Butt is very cute, so here he is for everyone to see!

<img src="http://fototime.com/3E3A6FEE90DA53F/standard.jpg">

and an advatage of no tail, is that he can fit in his favorite bed more easily

<img src="http://fototime.com/3B6D6407C1F7C17/standard.jpg">

hope you enjoyed!

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Sasha - posting pictures here is different from a website - you need to put [ img] and [/img ] (without the spaces) instead of img src there is a tab that makes it easier for you.
Hope this helps.
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Awwww those photos are cute. I am so sorry that he had to go through such an awful time!
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sorry for the confusion!

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Poor kitty!!! I'm glad he's better now!
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Cute pictures. I'm glad there was a happy ending.
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He's so cute. I'm glad he is better now.
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