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Is she in heat?

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I was really unsure where to post this out. And I just wanna say that Pong will be spayed in January when she is 6mths old. She will not be breed period.

Ok so this really came out of no where and I wanna know if this is what I think it is. About 30mins ago Pong was asleep on the coffee table. Ping came over to her and started grooming her and Pong just rolled over and started making a strange new calling noise. The she started rolling over on her back and making this calling noise. And as Ping was grooming around her neck area. I petted her right above her tail area and she lifted her butt. (seems like I read somewhere this is one way you can check). Then Ping tried to mount her but failed. And this whole time she is just calling away. Then ok....then Ping was grooming around the rump area and lowered her top half, raised her rump, spread the back legs slightly, and started calling loudly. Oh and during that last part she moved her tail slightly to the side.

So does this sound like she is in heat? If so how long will she stay in heat? And what can I do to ease this situation. I can not get her spayed until she is 6mths old. There is no vet close to me that will do it any younger. So we have to wait this out.

If she is in heat when I go to get her spayed will it cost extra.

Oh and Ping is neutered (was done a year ago) so they can not make any babies or anything. But there is a male hanging around unneutered and I am deathly afraid she try and get out or him get in and litter will happen. I so do not want that to happen.

Please help me with this. She will be spayed in January.
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Yes she probably is in heat from the actions and the fact you have an unneutered male outside. You HAVE to be 100% sure she doesn't get outside or she will get pregnant.

Can you call the vet and have them spay her sooner then January? She will probably start calling again in about 3 weeks. If she's in heat, it could cost a bit more, but in the long run a lot cheaper then dealing with kittens and raising them and having MORE to spay/neuter!
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Well the male outside we be gone later this week. I found out who owns him I just have to take him over there. How long will she stay in heat for?

I will call the vet and ask them about doing it sooner. Man this hit at a bad time. Why why why couldn't she have went into the later. Rent and Thanksgiving hit us last payday and Fri. I have to take my middle son to the hospital in upstate Ga. It would be a few weeks before I could get her in. Its 85.00 for the spay and 15.00 affice visit. Arrggg why now dang it.
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The calling time with each girl differs..

I have one girl here who will call for about 6-8 days if not mated.. yet
another girl will only call for about 3-4 days.

As she is only young it may only be a short call.. but again they
all differ.. fingers crossed !!!

Your neuter boy will certainly keep her occupied.. I have one here who
still likes to think that he "is the man" when my girls call.

If you can't get her to the vet any earlier.. just make sure that you watch
her like a hawk.. as an open window or door is very inviting for her to try & escape
to look for a mate. Then seam to turn into little escapologists when calling.

You may also find that suddenly other male cats start hanging around your place..as the scent she puts off will attract them in.
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Well last night was certainly ummm fun. She was calling up till midnight. She finally quieted down so I went to bed. Around 4am she got into my room and started calling again. She kept going so I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. I crunched some numbers if the vet will spay her a little early I can get her done around the 12th of December. I think once my youngest son gets up I will put a litter box, bowl of water and some food in there and put her in there for the day. This way she does not sneak out when I open the door to go outside and no one sneaks in to get to her.
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Just called the vet they can spay her in the middle of Dec. right around the 12th-14th. They did not say if they charge more if she is in heat when I take her in. When I call to make that appt. I will clarify that part. Right now she is pretty calm. She seems to start that calling once every 4 hours and it lasts about an hour. I don't know if this is a full heat or early heat. But right now she is asleep. Oh and the price will be 85 no office visit fee.
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Yes.. that sounds normal...

My girls hear like to have a call... call a bit more...
wander off for a little nap & then call more.

I found with my girls... that if I put them into a large crate
at night & cover them with a blanket they seam to sleep a bit
better... well I get to sleep a bit better than them calling at the
end of my bed.. lol

This may be worth a try if you have children trying to sleep aswell.
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