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Someone's become a biter

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Since Seamus has been neutered, done in August, (he's 2) he has become a very calm, docile cuddlebug from the crazy monster he was at times prior. However, he has developed a problem since, and he never did it before. He'll jump right up on me and at times, the second I put my arm around him, it's his invitation to take a nip. Or, he'll curl up for cuddles and he'll take a nip at my hand before he settles down. He usually settles in and lays down post-nip. He has never hurt me doing this, but it is getting annoying because I never see it coming and when I yell at him to correct him, I don't think he gets that it's a no-no. When he's aggravated or had enough petting he'll usually just walk away or occasionally smack my hand away. He also gets plenty of play time and even goes to his toy box and pulls out toys on his own to play.
Does he think the biting is a loving gesture? Is it just that he's become a love bug and this is his way of showing it, or is there a sign of aggravation out of him that I am missing when I put my arm in harms way?
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It kind of sounds like they are love nips? I don't know. They don't sound aggressive at all. My kitten nips because to her, it's playing. She was bottle fed from 4 weeks on and I don't think she ever quite got the 'don't bite me' thing down. The way I handle it is when she does it, I just blow air in her face and put her down on the ground or away from me. Saying 'no' doesn't seem to do much I don't think.
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Same here with my 7 week old Lucy Belle - hand raised since day 4. A real biter but will only do that to me and my bf and not other people, which is a relief. Which makes me to believe that her biting is actually affectionate and not aggressive. However, we never encourage her biting and use positive reinforcement to correct her behavior.

Whenever she attempts a bite, I'll throw her toy to the other side and she'll sprint away. She loves playing with Petstages Fishy Fun and Chilly Kitty Chews. If you don't have that, try enticing kitty with a plastic straw. She'll go ga ga for it as well!
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Does he hurt at all or is it just annoying? Juniper likes to get frisky and put his teeth on me, but he's never even tried to bite -- even when I play rough with him and push back against his teeth! Juniper's a goof so I just accept that he plays with his teeth. When he gets confused and bites, like if a hand or foot is under a blanket and he doesn't recognize that it's a person's appendage, I hiss at him and he stops. But he doesn't snuggle up afterwards, so it's a different behavior.

Does he always bite you in the same spot? Do you wear any perfume? Both of my kittens hate banana and I could easily discourage them from biting or licking me if I put some banana-smelling stuff on, for instance. But Juniper LOVES actual perfume or cologne, and will grab on to anyone's wrist and start licking them if he gets a whiff of it
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