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more on the new bunny :)

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Well, I'm surprised at how well the bunny & the cats are getting along. I'm also suprised at how much fun I"m having with the bunny, so I've decided he will stay.
Now that he and the cats have gotten a bit more used to each other, I let him out for supervised run around time. He tries to play with the cats, some just head for higher ground and some seem happy to see him.
He keeps mistaking Jean-Claude for a female bunny, poor JC! But JC seems to think that it is a wrestling game. He even calls to the bunny now, and soemtimes they chase each other up and down the hall.

It is quite a riot!

I took soem picts, the first is JC and Ben wrestling, the second is Baby and Ben saying hello.

<img src="http://fototime.com/0371B96EB5EF885/standard.jpg">

<img src="http://fototime.com/CC7D96602D39EC6/standard.jpg">

hope you enjoyed!
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WOW, a bunny and a cat! Things you never thought you see in real life eh? And they make quite the pair.

I was able to get the address site from the link provided.
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Dr Watson and Sherlock were two bunnies we rescued a long time ago. All the cats once they got used to them being here were fascinated by these two rabbits. Often they would just jump into the pen and lay down and sleep near the bunnies.It was too funny! Because Sherlock was a female and Watson a male, I got Wats neutered.
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