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Update on the kitten I hurt - good and bad

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I was in again today doing the office shift, and a guy came in to see the white kitten and his brothers. Apparently his girlfriend had fallen in love with them and wanted to take 2, but the boyfriend had to see them as well.

So I got the little guy out of isolation and put him in the play area with his brothers. The little guy purred his heart out as soon as I picked him up! I put him in the guys arms, and you could just about see the guy melt!

As soon as we put him in the play area I realised he was still limping!! So that's the bad news... apparently he has soft tissue damage to his paw/leg, but will be ok. I felt so horrible to see him hopping around still! He seemed fine though. He played for a little bit, then curled up in the guys lap and settled there purring away.

So he took the little white guy with the hurt paw and one of his black brothers (there was 2 white kittens and 2 black kittens, he wanted one of each so he could tell them apart!). The staff said they wouldn't normally go to a home, but the good news is that they know his girlfriend well (I think she used to volunteer there), and know she'll take good care of him, so they let him take both kittens straight away!

So he's now in his new home with one of his brothers. A happy ending!
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GOOD ON YA and CONGRATULATIONS. This is the kind of story that gives great joy!
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Awww, Sarah that is wonderful
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that's awesome! I am sure the kitten will be fine though.
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Aw that's great news!!!!
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Not to lessen what happened to him, but it may well have been his injury that slowed him down enough to want to snuggle with the guy. If he had been his usual self, he might not have grabbed the guy's heart like he did.

Either way, how wonderful for everyone involved!
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That is wonderful news!!
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Now if someone just takes the remaining 2 brothers (preferably together), I'll feel much better!
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I'm glad one of the white boys got adopted....I've always wanted a black kitty & a white kitty....
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YAY!! Two more furbabies find a good home!!

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That's awesome news!! I'm so glad there are two more cats in a good, loving forever home. I'm sure they'll do wonderfully!
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yayy! didn't they say what they were going to call him?
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Originally Posted by lauracatlover View Post
yayy! didn't they say what they were going to call him?
Their shelter names were Jesse (the black kitten) and Slider (the white kitten). The guy thought they were cool names, but they may change them yet
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