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Blue Man Group!!

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So we vacationed in Orlando for Thanksgiving and Saturday I went to see the Blue Man Group!!!!! It was so so so awesome! They toilet papered the audiance! I am going upload pictures tonight, provided I have internet!!! Anyone else ever seen them!? They were so much fun!
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Yes, I saw the show a few years ago. It really is awesome and amazing, isn't it? So unique.
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i would like to see them, but have not had a chance yet, glad to hear you enjoyed it.
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We were going to see them when they were in Charleston last month, but the tickets were like $90. And that was to see it at the civic center. If it was Vegas, I would be more will to pay that, but not for a local show. I am glad you had a good time!
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I saw them in Vegas and we got TP'd also. It's an awesome show!
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picĀ“s from they,... that would be terrific my friend!
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Scott and I were going to go for my birthday in October but did not. I still plan on going, just not sure when.
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