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Pee not clumping

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I wasn't sure where to put this--feel free to move it.

My precious little Jack is 15 weeks old now and has been living here for four weeks.

He is doing great with the litter box but I have noticed that his pee doesn't clump--obviously I'm using clumping litter (tidy cats odor control--blue label)--he does pee without issue.

Should I switch litters or is there another reason--an un-neutered male (he will be neutered this Friday)? Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Huh thats weird! I thought the litter always clumped when you had clumping litter! Good luck, lemme know what it is so I know if I ever see it! hehe
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Dear Jack and Leslie:

Why, no, I've never had experience of that! Maybe another brand would be better. We use PetGold's clumping litter (in the refillable bucket) from Petco. Works fine every time!
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If a clumping litter is not clumping, then it has to do with the litter and not the pee. Try switching brand and see what happens. I use World's Best Cat Litter and it clumps really hard and even a tiny drip will have a big round clump. Too bad at the moment, I don't think Lucy Belle likes it that much so I am switching to Nature's Miracle.
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Thanks guys. I guess it is time to explore a new litter. I think I am going to try Target brand--I have heard good things about it.

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