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Stray Help! Please!!!

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Hello everyone.

After the passing of my Kitty Samba not too long ago(1 months just under)
Me and my Partner talked about getting another cat but decided against it.
Anyway today was a normal we have been putting our Xmas decs up and as we went outside to look at the window lights the woman in the apartment next door called us over.....

She told us that she had found a 4-5 month old kitten, female and black n white.
and wonderd if we would be willing to look after her...
Anyway as soon as we saw her we fell in love she is SO CUTE!
Now we took her into our Bathroom and srapyed her with Frontline Spot On flea control.
We have fed her and give her water cause shes a lil on the thin side.
Anyway we are gonna get her a appointment at VET within next few days and my mum who is a vey is coming tommrow to have a peek at her.

Now we have shown her our kitten Gizmo whos same size as her and she was happy to see him and Gizmo was fine too.

Simba our oldest(2 yrs) is hissing and growing alot. Even when my Partner strokes him he is doing it even tho the Girls in Bathroom.
Any idea why? Could it be the smell of flea stuff and adjusting to the lil girl?

We decided to call her Tinsel lol for Xmas =D

Any advice on brining a new cat in especialy male to female would be GREAT!


P.S Sorry if I posted this under another title my IE is acting up.
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I would suggest quarantining Tinsel for a little bit, and introducing her to your boys gradually. Eventually if everything works out well, he will just accept that she is there. But it is a process that takes time. . .

Are all the boys fixed??? If not then I would concider getting her spayed, or the two boys fixed (ideally both)

Slow and steady wins the race!!! Keep us updated and POST SOME PICS!!!
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Yea there both Fixed lol.
Just Simba is abit of a hot head at moment so why is he going for my partner too?
cause of scent?
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Scent is possible. That or jealousy. If he has been holding her alot, and he has seen, not only will he smell like her, but would be probably upset about it too! They are senstive creatures! lol Perhaps he hates the smell of the flea spray. I know some of the ones I have used the cats detest!
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Has anyone made the slightest attempt to find out if someone else out there is missing a cat? Sometimes they escape no matter how careful you are (kids and all!) and you should at least put up a few posters, call the local shelter to see if she was reported, etc.
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She has apprently been out for a week in cold so any attempt to find her would of been made by now.
Also she has a new home with me now ^.^
Anyone who can let a cat get so thin ya can see there back bone then they don't deserve her.
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