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Can cats become immune to Frontline?

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Hi everyone. I'm in Portugal where the weather has started to change before we go into our rainy season, however, the sun still shines during the day to warm things up.
I have an 8 year old female feline-Storm (named with just cause). She is an outdoor/indoor cat and sleeps by my feet everynight. She's a hunter. Just tonight she brought a big mouse into the house as a present.
I had never seen a tick before in my life until I moved here. I have been forced to Frontline her every 4 weeks to keep her tick and flea safe. My vet says no problem, but of course this just can't be right.

But-she has ticks-I found 2 blood filled critters on her today. GROSS. I'm wondering if she has become immune to Frontline Combo as I have quite a few unusual bites on my body. Is my bed infested with fleas? Do fleas have a 'season'? Is there a safe yet effective way of dealing with this problem? I haven't dare tell my husband this news. She's really my cat and he would flip!

Before you respond-consider that I live in Portugal. Most people don't have animals as pets in the house and can not afford to have their animals spayed and neutered.

Can cats transmit skin disorders to humans as I was told?

Thank you for your help and consideration
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Fleas and probably also ticks can become immune to Frontline or any other flea treatment if used for long periods of time.
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Any suggestions? Frontline Combo is the ONLY flea and tick protection available to me here.

I'm sleeping on the couch tonight! My husband never gets any bites so he hasn't noticed anything-but he also hasn't seen my lower half in a few daysbites like mosquito bites.

So without him knowing...how do I deal with the bed problem?

Please excuse my ignorance. I come from downtown Toronto. Never had to deal with this before. I live in a wild semi rural area now.

Thanks for your help
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You need to buy a very fine-toothed flea comb and comb your cat diligently. Ticks are large enough that you will definitely see them and be able to get rid of them. I've never heard of immunity to Frontline; it's formulated for repeated usage, on a monhtly basis. The insects could be coming in on the prey your cat catches, and not on your cat. Is there any way you can keep your cat indoors-only, for her own safety and freedom from fleas and ticks? Cats live happily indoors-only -- mine do! Just keep litter box clean, and provide scratching posts/pads and furniture she can get on such as cat trees.
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Can not keep Storm inside. She's just not that type of cat.

So now it seems I have a flea and tick problem in my home or will have very soon. Since I've picked ticks off her I assume the creepy crawly ones are also present and I'm concerned that they are what is biting me in my bed. What about natural products? or essential oils (never applied neat to an animal)

Sleeping with my bedroom door closed. She was actually scratching at the door to be let in, which is why I'm awake at 5:19
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