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I need a grip

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For some reason I've been thinking about the day when Popsie won't be around. It's so silly because he's in great health except for the constipation thing. Last night in bed I bawled for like 40 minutes because I couldn't stop thinking about it. I need to get a grip or something.
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I'm actually glad you posted this. Ever since Wally had an ER visit back in January (which thankfully turned out to be nothing major, just an uncomfortable reaction to some new food), I've been going through a similar experience. I'll get in these moods where, like you, I picture how I'd deal with his passing, what would happen, even though he's perfectly healthy...it's kinda like pre-emptive grieving. Dont' feel silly, or at least don't feel alone, because I'm the same way! I hope Popsie is okay!
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Originally Posted by whuckleberry View Post
I hope Popsie is okay!
He's fine. I think I'm just worried because he keeps getting constipated all the time.
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
He's fine. I think I'm just worried because he keeps getting constipated all the time.
Sadie had a bout of constipation and, believe it or not, but it was raw, fresh green beans that helped her.

Now, repeat after me...Popsie is OK, Popsie is OK
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I think you should let yourself feel whatever is on your mind.

I had a dream last night that Mattie died and I have been in an awful mood all day because of it. I even woke up with tears. She is really young and healthy but that doesn't keep me from thinking about it.
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I dont think it is anything bad, quite the opposite. It shows your love for your pet, and that you do care if anything happened. What I call a reality check
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I've been the same since Jasmine died. I constantly cuddle and play with, and remind Charlie that i love him and am so grateful he is in my life. I've been more wary of his health, making sure there are no lumps or marks or anything and always checking up on him when he's in his enclosure, as he likes to stay out there a long time. Especially since following Ziggys story (Yunas kitty) i've been checking his eyes too.

It is normal. But i think after a health scare or losing another kitty you get more protective.
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I get this way, too - especially since Geronimo & Winchester were "diagnosed" with the FIP.. Everytime they have one of their attacks, I start bawling, and wonder if THIS is gonna be the time they don't make it. Before Winchester was put on the Interferon, he was having several attacks a day, and everytime it happened, I'd break down and pray to God, "Please help him! He's still just a baby!!" Sometimes I'll have horrible nightmares in which either they or one of my other furbabies dies, and I wake up in a sweat and bawling..

You just love your furbaby - that's all. There's nothing wrong with being concerned for them, and loving them..

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I lost Kandie six months ago and it for me is still a "fresh wound" ... then I got the news that my dog has a disease that will shorten her life... I am living day by day NOT thinking about when but how I can keep her happy today
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