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My latest kitty found a home

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For those of you who do not know, my latest rescue is a black kitty who was found in town, in pretty bad shape. I took him in and he rebounded quickly and soon became known as "Geronimo!" The reason he got this name, was while he was in the cat room he delighted in scrambling up the cat post and flinging himself from the top of the post in wild abandon at the litter pans! He was pretty darn accurate as well and litter was going everywhere and I mean everywhere!

Yesterday while in town I was at the feed store and I told the owner about Geronimo. The whole store was laughing by the time I was done, and when I was getting ready to leave, Rita (the owner) stopped me and said she wanted to talk to her husband about adopting Geronimo for the store cat! Well, she just called and not only are they going to take him in as the store cat, but they also have put up a huge cat pole and a small tub of cat litter nearby..........."Geronimo................!!!!!!!"
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Oh that is so cool! I am glad another kitty gets a new home!
That leaves a great image in my head of a cat leaping off the pole and into the litter! So cool!
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Love that image! Ultimate kitty action at it's best!

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either that or David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks!
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That's too funny!

I'm glad for Geronimo....and for you!
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :tounge2:
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That is GREAT news!

Pat on the back for you!!
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I'm happy for both of you!
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Great story! Way to charm them, Geronimo!
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I just now read this Hissy!!! I am so glad to hear Geronimo got a good home!!! Yaaaay!!!!
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