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Tiffany V E-Bay

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Here's my opinion. If I want something from Tiffany I will go to the catalogue or the website and buy it directly from the company. I wouldn't not look for it on E-Bay.

Isn't it common knowledge that there are a ton of fakes on E-Bay?
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Well, I bought my Dyson off eBay, and it looks and performs like a Dyson, so I'm happy!

There are fakes everywhere. Any time there's a name, there will be a knockoff. Personally, I don't buy for status, and I think if people are buying something because of the name on it rather than what it is, then if they get a fake it's their tough cookies.

But that's just me - I'm a little less material than most folks.
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Personally I avoid purchasing jewelry on eBay for that reason.

Hmm...funny thing with Tiffany. I'm thinking of that Bridezilla episode where she bought the tiffany boxes from some guy in England. Then she ranted (or acted) about how he shouldn't have advertised the price in British pounds...I don't remember the exact words, but it was something like "Well this is america so he should be using dollars not pounds".

My point being is that's the type of person (IMO) that's buying Tiffany stuff off of eBay.
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Lots of fakes everywhere, I have personally seen a lot first hand by working with a postal service and sorting there lost mail, everything fake must be destroyed! and there is soooooooo much of it!
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Personally I avoid purchasing jewelry on eBay for that reason.
lol i only buy after i suck up to the women that work in the jewerlry store

necklace for my mother 800 dollars, suck up to the women in the store,
i got for 300

or i just would buy it in thailand, or indo for even lower price.
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I'm a believer in "You get what you pay for". If you're buying off e-Bay, you want something for a bargain price, so be prepared for a fake. I buy lots of stuff off e-Bay. So far, I don't think I've gotten any fakes. If they've been fakes, they've been good fakes, lol!
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Way too many fakes to risk buying on e-bay. If i'm going to purchase something as expensive as a Tiffany's item..it's going to be from the store, and it's going to be appraised and insured!
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