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Antibiotic cream for cats?

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Is there such a thing? You may've seen my other thread about Maisey's sore places. She has two small ones on her ear and a couple places on her upper neck. I think it is flea bites that she keeps itching at, so they won't heal. I've been putting antibiotic cream on them, but since she'll lick some of it off, I'm sure, I'd prefer to use something that is for cats (if it exists). Something must be helping because though they're red where she's been scratching, they're not bleeding. Her skin almost looked back to normal this morning, but I can tell where she's been at it again today because there's some redness. Is there anything like kitty bandages too, so she'll just not bother the bad spots? I'm convinced that if I could get her to leave the sores alone, they'd heal.
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Yes but talk to your vet ... mine RX me something avail over the counter
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Yeah when my cat had a skin infection on her inner arm I got an antibiotic cream from the vet to put on it. Talk to your vet, he'll probably want to see her and can then give you a cream for it.

Also the cream I got was had steroids in it as well which stopped the wound itching as much which made Nikita lick it less and gave it a chance to heal.
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