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Kitten survives fall, but severely injured  

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Hi All,

On Saturday, when I returned from a pet health center visit with my five month old feral kitten Sasha (she has a really bad upper respirtory infection), as I was climbing up the stairs she fell/jumped over the railing and landed on the floor. She probably fell almost eight or nine feet. I think that she would have been ok, but on the way down, she must have hit her head on the railing for the next landing, because she cried out louder than i have ever heard from any cat. After the fall I noticed that her front paws flared out for bit, and she was totally unresponsive. I thought that she had died. She didn't make any noise or anything and was limp like a ragdoll. She had a bowel movement while still on the floor. Her eyes remained shut and there was nothing that I could do to make her respond or to make her move her have any reflex movement with her paws. That night I put her bed in my bed so that I could monitor her. After several hours, she began to open one eye and cried out any time I touched or moved her.

I would have taken her to the vet to receive emergency care, but I knew that it would be costly even at the "low cost pet clinic", and I really didn't/don't have it, and I don't have insurance for her. So everything is out of pocket. As of today (Tuesday), she has very limited mobility. She can stand up and walk a few steps, but ultimately ends up just zoning out like an addict and sort of "falls into herself", as if she can't support herself whether standing or seated. I thought that her back was broken, but the fact that she can walk gives me some hope. Her appetite is great, but she seems to have lost the coordination it takes to eat her food, and now requires my assistance. I have to hold up the bowl to her face and she eats that way (this has led to a concern that she may have some visual problems - her pupils also don't seem to respond to light- they appear to remain wide open). I am concerned that she may now have some form of cerebal palsy. It seems as if she must have suffered a seizure, stroke, etc., from the blow and I am really at my wits end. I just wish that I knew what is wrong with her. She pretty much stays in the same spot that I leave her in when I leave for work. (Note: she doesn't (or rather hasn't) used the litterbox on her own since the fall. She will pee when I put her in the box, but she hasn't pooped, even when I put her in the box and walk away for few minutes. She just sits there and eventually leans on the box, and begins crying out for me to take her out).

I haven't been able to find anything online, and that is why I am turning to forums for any feedback or links that anyone may have.

I have a follow up appointment scheduled on Saturday the first of December(payday for me is Friday), so that they can see how she is doing with her respitory infection, and to now ask that they examine her for this. Saturday seems like a lifetime away, but I really have no choice!!!!

I am so sorry for the long post. I am all cried out, financially broke, mentally and heartbroken and just looking for some type of feedback, advice, ideas, etc. I know that my cat is likely permanently disabled, and that I will likely not be able to continue with her care if she will need any extensive medical attention. Last night she was panting so frantically (like a dog) with her mouth open, that I thought that she would certainly not make it through the night, but she eventually stopped, and went to sleep.

ANY advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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Can you talk to your vet about setting up a payment plan? IMO, she needs to be seen now. From what you're describing, she has suffer massive internal injuries....not to mention damage to her head.
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Hi Layla,

I am so sorry for what you are experiencing. It is hard to have sick/injured animals on a fixed budget.

I see that you are in NY, you don't happen to be right in NYC? The ASPCA there is the place to call/go.

I don't want to scare you, but waiting to treat the kitty would be considered cruelty to animals in New York state.

It sounds like she has a head injury. There is a medicine they can give her right away to help reduce the swelling and increase her chances of complete recovery. Treating her should not be too expensive, you need to make it clear you want to treat her at home as much as possible.

We have a dog that got kicked in the head by one of our horses. I am pretty sure he died from the kick, but his heart got restarted when he hit the ground. It took a month for him to completely recover, but all's he needed was some IV dexamethasone shots, and lots of TLC at home. It was not expensive, but timing was critical.

I hope you are able to find someone to see your kitty today. Also ask if they have Care Credit. This is a credit for emergency treatment that they will allow you to pay it off interest free for a year.

Lots of healing vibes to you and Sasha.
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From what you've described, your little girl is suffering, so she really needs to be seen by someone asap
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Can you talk to your vet about setting up a payment plan? IMO, she needs to be seen now. From what you're describing, she has suffer massive internal injuries....not to mention damage to her head.

She really needs to see a vet NOW! Most vets will let you make a payment plan, or maybe write out a post-dated check. This can't wait....

I hope your furbaby will be okay..

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She is probably in agony. Take her to a vet or resign her over to a shelter, even if you don't have a no-kill shelter around you. IMO, putting her to sleep in a humane way is better than possibly letting her die like this, in agony and over a long period of time. Please do the right thing by her and resign her over to a shelter if you can't afford to take care of her.
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My heart is breaking. This dear little animal has suffered a severe trauma and is in very bad shape. It is inhumane to not have taken this sweet baby to a vet already. Please, please, call a vet and get help now. At this point, I fear the only recourse would be to put the kitten out of it's misery.
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Really, you have to get her to a vet NOW. She's suffering terribly. The ASPCA in NYC has a hospital and you can possibly pay according to what you can afford.

Really, please, I'm begging you, get her to a vet. It would be as if one of us fell out of a tall building and didn't receive any medical attention. Even if all you can afford and/or all they can do is put her to sleep, her agony will be over.

I'm so sorry your cat had this terrible accident. But she really has to be helped NOW>

There is a good emergency vet hospital at, I think, 15th St and 5th Ave. Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists. They are open 24/7. They're also very much animal lovers, and I would think if you explain the payday situation, they'd see her right away and let you make a payment later. It's an emergency so you can just walk in with her. They're some $$$ but they can at least stabilize her and you can take her somewhere less costly. It really is critical your girl gets some help/pain relief immediately. (Don't give her human painkillers -- they'll be toxic to her, I think.)
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Bless her heart...that is so tragic! She really just can't wait for a vet visit....she really needs it now, well right after it happened really....Personally, I would rather have to have her put down humanely than for her to suffer in the way that you have described until she dies anyway. I hope you can see someone now and pay later, I can't imagine that they would turn her away. Best of luck and prayers for her...
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I work for Animal Control in my area. Not taking an animal in for medical assistance in an emergency like that is animal abuse- reguardless of if you have the financial funds to pay for her care or not. Neglecting to provide your pet with proper medical treatment is abuse- and you could be punished to the full extent of the AC laws if you fail to get her treatment. I say that not to scare you, as i'm sure you care very much for your sweet kittn- but to give you an honest answer as to what will happen if you don't get her in to a vet hon.

Many vets offices/ clinics and low cost facilities will be more than happy to work out a payment plan with you. If you explaine the situation to them and put a little money towards the bill- then give them the rest when you're paid- i doubt they would turn you away. In our area- the vets are more than generous about caring for an injured animal and working out payment plans with the owners.

Your kitten is in a great deal of pain and likely has some very bad injuries from what you described. Please do the right thing and take her to the vet. If not- please surrender her to AC and allow them to put her out of her suffering- it is cruel to keep her at home like this without proper medical care. This kitten is a domestic animal- she relies completly upon you for food, water, shelter, and care- she has no way to get those things for herself- you are responsible for it- please do the proper thing and get her in to a vet or shelter ASAP.
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It sound like your kitty may have swelling in the brain. Her brain could be bleeding which can cause death if not controlled. You need to take her to the vet now.... They will more then likely need to give her steriods to reduce the swelling. She can still have a broken vertebrae even though she is walking. It just may have not ripped through to the spinal cord. If she does, any little movement could cause death or paralysis...

If you cant afford it now, apply for carecredit or contact IMOM...
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The OP has not come back so folks I fear the worst. I fear this dear baby is gone. There isn't anything else we can say so I'm going to close this thread. If the OP has gone to a vet and the kitty is being treated (or even passed) then I would ask that she start a new thread to let us know, otherwise there are just going to be more posts urging her to take the kitty to a vet.
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