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Vash loves his puppy

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Poor Bear, he's absolutely great around the cats, but he just doesn't really know what to make of them.
He used to simply avoid them.
Now, Vash and Ivory try to engage him in play, or they simply rub all over him and love on him.
He just sits stoically and looks pathetic.

This is a recent development though, Vash, or Ivory curling up on the loveseat with him.

By the way, how does a dog his size curl into such a tiny ball?

Oops, Vash hears something
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Don't ask me how they curl up so tiny, Macey is 90 lbs & can curl up in a little itty bitty ball!

The kitties wub their puppy!
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What a lovely pic
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how cute!
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Oh that's too cute! Tasha gets that same look on he face when Pumpkin tries to bathe her.
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how sweet!
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How adorable!

I had a 95 pound greyhound that used to curl up in a cat bed. Go figure!
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Awww how cute!!! My mom's dog is like that with any animal. My little Thor trys to play with her when I take her down and she just doesn't know what to do..... She looks pathetic too!
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Aww that is so sweet when you see photos of cats laying with dogs
They look so cozy & snuggly together! Thanks for sharing those photos!!
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So sweet. Looks to me like he's thinking "ewww that kitty's touching me!"
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very sweet!
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awwwww very adorable
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