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Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Hello all,

I have heard wonders about people giving their cats some liquid grapefruit seed extract in their water. Does anyone know of a good website where I can purchase some? I just don't want to pick any site at random.

Thank you.
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I bought a bottle of it at my local health food store. It wasn't cheap (about $10), but a little goes a long way. Good luck.
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Here you go! Also if you are yourself are prone to colds and flus start taking two drops of this in orange juice every day- I have been doing this for almost 2 years now and have had no colds or a flu!

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I don't know about grapefruit seed extract!

But grapefruit itself can be bad for humans who are on medications. It has effect with MOST medications actually. So you should be careful.

A great site I found to check the relationships between medications, and herbal remedy's to find out what their interactions might be is.

Drug Interaction Checker
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Yes, a little bit does go a long way. I put just 2 drops in our Hydro Floss, which holds a quart or more of water, and it was still bitter tasting.
I put some in our dog's water dish after she and our 2 cats were drinking out of it and they seemed to notice it and wouldn't drink as much right away, but did later in the day.
When we brought our second cat home, I was wiping him down with water and GSE in case he had any ringworm fungus on him, since he had been exposed to some. We waited an extra 2 weeks to bring him home because of that, just in case he showed signs of it. I have no idea whether or not it did anything, of course, but I had to do something for my peace of mind.
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Grapeseed Extract is a great bacteria killer for raw meats! If you give your cats raw meat and your worried about the bacteria, just soak it in Grapeseed Extract! I printed out a 40 page book on cat nutrition and I have learned so much about different extracts for different purposes. Hemp seed oil helps fur grow back, pumpkin seeds are a natural wormer and bananas are great for building muscles.

There are over 100 different herbal remedies for cats!
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Originally posted by AngelzOO

But grapefruit itself can be bad for humans who are on medications. It has effect with MOST medications actually. So you should be careful.]
Since I work in a Pharmacy (been there for almost 5 years), I get asked questions all the time about interaction of drugs with grapefruit and grapefruit juice. My boss (Pharmacist) tells everyone who asks about this to separate the drugs and the fruit at least 3 hours apart. So, if you eat a grapefruit for breakfast at 7 AM, then you should wait until 10 to take your meds...or visa versa. The only bad thing with grapefruit and med's is that the acid's in the grapefruit prevents the drug from doing it's job. So, it's like you are taking your med's for nothing...and with out any kind of benefit to your body. A popular drug that a lot of people are on is Lipitor and Zocor..they are for lower cholestrol levels. These drugs can not be taking with grapefruit! It won't make you sick or anything...but it just won't work for lowering the levels.
Just thought I'd share that info with ya'll...just my 2 cents!
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