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"soft paws"

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My friend has very young siblings. Her family wants to get a cat, but they would have to get it declawed because of the children, although my friend opposes this. She was looking into "soft paws" but wanted to know if it was actually what it claimed to be: nail caps for cats.

http://www.softpaws.com/ - this is their website. I am NOT ADVERTISING. I'm just looking to see if this is for real, and if anyone's ever tried it.

Does anyone have any information on this?

The cat would be indoors, so there wouldn't be a protection issue.
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Yes I've used them & yes they work. However.....on younger kittens they do not fit.

Honestly....if the family wants a kitty, why not adult a young adult or adult already declawed cat? It might not be a bad idea....I've seen many families with young children adopt kittens & return them because they were too much or something like that. Right now, we have 3 young(right around a year to two years) adult already altered & declawed kitties....one of which has yet to learn he's supposed to be a grown up kitty.
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They do work, I use them on Oliver, but they need to be replaced as the nails naturally shed... I agree with the above poster that your friends might want to look into saving a pound-kitty that has already been declawed and really in need of a loving home! That'd be a great solution!
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I second what the other TCS family members said
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I'm not clear why the cat would need to be declawed (or use soft paws) because there are young children around. Just teach the children to treat the cat with respect and they won't get hurt. And trim the claws. If there is a problem with the children getting accidentally scratched a lot, then soft paws will help. But I wouldn't assume there is going to be a problem. Children and cats live in harmony all over the world without recourse to declawing or soft paws.
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