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World Cat Convention

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It looks like CFA will be hosting the World Cat Convention next year in Houston on March 28-29. Anybody here going to be able to go, spectator or exhibitor? Cats from many different registries around the world will be competing, so you will probably be able to see first hand the different looks of each breed. Since CFA cats can get regional/national points from this and it is a 450 cat limit, I have a hunch this will be a big campaigner show. You'll seriously see the best of the best, from all over the world.
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Would be interesting - but we probably will not go or show. Charlie's NOT a top show cat but is a respectable one to Grand in CFA and ACFA

We will be going to 2 or 3 April shows in our area, so need to save money for those.
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If my new cats are of age at the time maybe I will ask the breeder to show them or him for me I personally wont be attending BUT, I do have the ambition to be around for the CFA Internationals Further more, there will be 2-3 shows in that period in Bangkok, Manila and Hong Kong that I have sort of promised to attend to show and "educate" the Asian public on Abyssinians.
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