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Still pondering Pixie's possible pregnancy

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Some of you may have seen some of my other posts,...but for those who haven't - hubby brought home a stray female not quite three weeks ago. This after us debateing for months about adopting a pet...and I had thought we had settled on getting a male kitten.

Thanks to this forum, I've learned I now share house with a tortoiseshell. And I'm starting to learn what this means. (Well maybe hubby will stop yammering about my moods, and start yammering about "torti-tudes"! Especially since she woke us up at 4 am this morning doing kitty-races thru the house!)

Anyway, I took one look at her, and besides falling in love, thought "uh oh, preggers!" Hubby reported that he had met her about three months ago, she was hanging out at a construction site he was involved in. No one around would claim her, the guy who owned the property wanted her gone as he has dogs he's getting ready to move to the new house, and they don't like cats. Ok, up the chances she's preggers, if she's been running around outside that long.

So we go to visit the vet. Vet confirms - unspayed female. Other than an ear mite infection (since cleared up with meds) - she's apparently otherwise healthy, all blood work / stool samples checked ok. Cool. But, vet isn't sure about the pregnancy, either. Says is 1 - 2 years old, unfixed,....but if she IS is very early in pregnancy.

Pixie's been here almost three weeks now. Getting a waddle...nipples slightly detectable. She was a little over 8 pounds when at the vet's....a little over 9 pounds a week later. But vet said to keep her on kitten chow until we know for sure...and if she isn't preggers...would "get fat" on the food. Ok, so can't assume the growth / waddle is a sign of the pregnancy.

Now, I know that kitty gestation is about 9 weeks. If that belly bump I noticed when she first got here is indeed babies - least two weeks along? Three?? Which would put her 5 to 6 weeks along?? Can't detect any noticeable "separate" sign of movement yeah, definitely still pondering a possible pregnancy, still not certain.

Got a nice big snuggly box with lots of snuggly blankies inside it ready, just in case. Yesterday was the first day she spent any time in it....hmmmm.....

Well anyway, Vet is due to call this week, to check back with me on the possible pregnancy. We're holding off on vaccinations until we know for sure. I know, I know - Vet even said, I can have an ultrasound performed to find out. But where's the fun in that?
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From what I remember, you start feeling movement at about 7 weeks. I never did feel actual separate lumps, but that might just be me . I took my cat in to be xrayed (they can see the skeletons, and it's less expensive than ultrasound) and he told me "two kittens, at least, not more than 10 days from now." She had EIGHT kittens three weeks later! So vets are guessing too, LOL!!

From what I've read, an unspayed female outside EVER means kittens, so I would expect that she's pregnant. Please PM or post if you need any more help.
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hehe kittens are so much fun! keep us posted!! I wanna see the belly!
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You can still get her in to be spayed if you want to. Then she doesn't have to go through the pregnancy and risk her babies lives because who knows what kind of tomcat she mated with. She also doesn't need to be bringing more kittens into the world either that is already overpopulated with them. Just a thought.
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
You can still get her in to be spayed if you want to. Then she doesn't have to go through the pregnancy and risk her babies lives because who knows what kind of tomcat she mated with. She also doesn't need to be bringing more kittens into the world either that is already overpopulated with them. Just a thought.
Yes, you've raised the issue of abortion before on other posts I've made regarding Pixie's probably pregnancy.

Would not this abortion that you are advocating go far beyond "risking her babies lives"?

As for "She also doesn't need to be bringing more kittens into the world either that is already overpopulated with them." - I've chosen not to have a human child, in part due to your arguement of an over-populated world. I can not enforce "my" decision on other humans, nor will I enforce my beliefs upon Pixie.

Abortion is an emotionally-charged issue that I do not care to address in this forum. You have the right to your opinion, and you've now stated that opinion twice. I heard you the first time. Let's not get into a cat fight about it.
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What are you going to do with the kittens?
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Sorry, I always bring it up because many people don't have any idea about spay-aborts. I also post on here in spirts of very frequently to not that often so I don't remember every single persons situation and who i have commented on specific cases, plus all the real life cat problems I deal with on a daily basis... I just make sure I don't post the same thing on the same thread I already posted on! I have a hard time keeping track of things as it is

I absolutely agree with not forcing your beliefs onto others, I am merely bringing it up, not telling you that you need to do it. I do find it interesting that you don't want to push your beliefs on cats when cats can't even form beliefs or opinions on these sort of things, they can't consciously make the decision to get pregnant or not. They are not humans.

By risking their lives I mean the risk of pain and illness and suffering, maybe even death, abortion is euthansia, no suffering, just peacefully being put down whil the mother is spayed. Say the female picked up FeLV from the male or some other contagious disease, that would be risking the kittens lives and the mothers as well. That is all I am saying. Just throwing options out there, didn't mean to bring it up again. I won't mention again in your threads now that I realize I did it twice.
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hehe, glad someone caught that before I did!

Do ya got new pics yet? I wanna see the waddle!
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We definitely have waddle! Haven't acquired new photos yet....every time I get a good shot / view of the belly, I don't have the camera. And every time I have the camera....Pixie decides it's time to play "chase me". Will try to get some shots soon tho. Occasionally can detect a lump....still can't feel any movement...altho checking is about as challenging as getting her to hold still for a photo shoot. If she's in a snuggly mood, she likes her belly being rubbed lightly, and will purr madly. However, if she's in a playful mood,...rubbing the belly is the sign to start playing.

Kittens will be staying with me and Pixie until at least 4 months old. After that.....daughter has all ready laid claim to two. I've reserved "first pick" rights to one....unless "my" pick is one daughter just has to have. (Tho she doesn't know that yet.)

Am keeping them until 4 months...,due to the shots schedule me & Vet have worked out. Vet prefers to hold off on rabies vaccine until 14 - 16 weeks old....and by that date, kittens will have their 2nd booster on CVR, and be all set and up-to-date on shots....good to go for "yearlies" at that point. Hubby might be insane by then....but I'm looking forward to it.

Spaying / neutering - Pixie will be going in for 2 sets of shots....and getting spayed when she goes in for her second set. As for the kittens....the Vet generally prefers to wait until 6 months, on the kittens. Haven't discussed this part with her yet....but am hoping that she will agree to fixing the kittens at 4 months. I'd much prefer to have it all handled before I begin letting them go to other homes.

So....that's good homes for three kittens. The rest....depends on who's asking. I would prefer being a "two cat" home....but will only agree to give up the kittens if I personally know / have a high recommendation from someone I trust - about where they are going, and can therefore know that it will indeed be to a good home. With the stipulation that if the adoption doesn't work out....I'll take them back. (Another reason I'd like to get them spayed / neutered before giving them out.)

Side note - when I informed my mom that I was anticipating kittens being born near Christmas,...she said Pixie should have 9, then we could name them for Santa's reindeer. I reminded her that she IS allowed to have pets where she lives, and that if Pixie has 9, she should let me know which reindeer names she wanted for her kitten(s). I think mom's now praying for a small litter.
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Don't think I've posted on any of your threads yet, seems like you've got everything pretty much sussed. Good luck with kittens and keep us updated.
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cats normally don't even start to show till around 5ish weeks so my guess is your cat is around 7-8 weeks along so bet you will have kittens the middle of Dec instead of closer to Christmas. but that is just my guess.... I think mine is due around Christmas and is just starting to show about 5 days ago....
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I won't be surprised if kittens arrive anytime between now and 1st week of January. I've had Pix for about 3.5 weeks....and vet wasn't sure 2.5 weeks ago if she even WAS pregnant. She guessed that if Pix was preggers, it was only a few weeks along at that point. Time will certainly tell on this one! During playtime today, I was able to get her to show her belly, and I was able to spread the fur away to see that her nipples are definitely developing, but of course couldn't get her to hold still for her "porno" shot.

Got a few pics during playtime too. They're posted over in the sub-forum for cat pix - link to it is here -
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I luv kittens!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
I luv kittens!
Good thing too, Glitch...since your's is such a cutie!! One of the best cats I ever knew started out kinda like yours - separated way too early from mom,....had to be helped with food, bathroom, etc. But the good news is that when you start a kitten out that early in a loving home - they bond incredibly to you! I never had any real health problems with that kitten / cat....and he turned out most...unique. :-) So good luck with your baby, from the looks of your pics, he's gonna be just fine!
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