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RIP Pigey

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My mom has just told me that she saw something so upsetting whilst shopping in town today...

She was walking along the footpath and in the road were 2 pigeons. One hopped onto the path, and the other stayed in the road. A careless idiot came up in their car, and wacked right into this pigeon, then drove off.
This poor little pigeon didn't even have a chance to move, and it was squashed. But the worst part is (graphic!) it was still alive, and although it's actually body was squashed, it was trying to get up by flapping it's wings and moving it's legs. Of course my mom is just as sensitive as I am and burst out crying as she watched this poor little bird struggle to get up, whilst it's insides were coming out.
She came back from town the same way half an hour later. The poor little thing was totally flat in the road.

I know it's just a pigeon but it had feelings too! And I was upset at the fact that the stupid driver didn't slow down to let it move out of the way

RIP little Pigey xx

Laura xoxoxoxo
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It doesn't matter what they are does it, they still have feelings

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Aww that poor pigeon! That always breaks our hearts to see any animal in pain...RIP little pigeon
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