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Do cats have sinuses?

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Question on physiology. We have a cat in our storefront - BT the brown tabby - who has been acting congested and sneezy since he came in. He sneezes large boogers from his nose from time to time and I think I even heard him cough once or twice. The snot (I know, TMI) looks infected and had some blood in it. In humans, that is a sign of sinusitis- sinus infection - I don't know about cats. I am having a hard time getting our rescue director to take action on him. She said he seems fine to her!

Could it be allergy? I know I don't like the litter dust! None of his litter mates has the issue to this degree - just an occasional sneezie.

Also - ongoing problems with blood on the stool. I think its a parasitic infection -we've already had issues with kittens in this storefront. Hard to keep it clean because so many people are cleaning in there with varying levels of ... um... consideration. Also, PetSmart chose to use cheap powder-coated metal in its new stores instead of stainless steel.
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I can understand the concern - blood on both ends is not a good sign. And if this kitten is in with others...I'm thinking the possibilities of contagious-ness. How long has the kitten been there? You said he's been acting this way since he came in, but how long is that? Are there other cats in with him? How is he acting otherwise? This is at a PetSmart store? What is the store policy on dealing with sick animals? Surely there must be one. Where did these cats come from, and have they been seen by a vet?

Gee....guess I'm not much help am I? More questions than answers. If this were a privately owned cat, I'd say "vet time" - but given that you don't own the cat, and have a somewhat unconcerned boss....I realize this is a tricky situation for you. Finding out store policy would be my first step - and maybe seeing if you could pull off getting a vet to "come see" for free? Donate his / her time for some publicity, or free product, or something? With boss's permission, of course.

Or maybe calling a vet on your own....for a phone consulation. Tell them all, and get their opinion.
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Whether he has sinusitis or not, it sounds like he needs vet attention. I'm afraid I don't have anything to suggest, but I hope you can convince someone that he needs help.
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The person in charge to whom I am referring is the woman who runs the rescue group I volunteer for. I have offered to do ANYTHING for these kittens and have told her repeatedly that BT has some kind of URI. I have offered to take him to the vets we use .... make the appt, take him, bring him back, etc. But I don't get a straight answer. I will call her later to see if something has been done. If not, I will offer again, and offer to underwrite the cost of the visit. That's all I can do.

The kittens - 4 of them - have been in there for over a month. And there has been a round-robin of blood and mucus on the stool,diahrrea and bloody, swollen red buttholes. It comes and goes. They have been treated several times for worms, but again, I am not sure that's the problem. I guess they all need a fecal and I am guessing that $$$ is the problem.

I would also like to go in there, pull the cats and tear apart those cages and STEAM CLEAN them - do them with mild bleach water at a minimum. Anything to take care of the situation.
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Wow wat a pain in the the lady in charge is being, I can understand it comes down to money but it makes more sense to treat them now than to treat them late when they have a lot more wrong with them. poor kittens at least they have a sensible volunteer such as your self who wants to help
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I'm not trying to be harsh. Marian ( the rescue person) does an angel's work, really... we take in dogs and cats, fix em up, foster em, re-home em, and do it on a shoestring! I'm frustrated b/c she doesn't seem to take my offers of help seriously.
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