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Sorry for crashing your thread! I wanted to ask a similar questions. Our Marcel is approx 6 months (we found him in the street). When he was recently neutered at 5 months ish he weighed 3.1kg (6.8lbs) the vet said that he was already overweight, unlikely to grow to be a big cat and needed to go on a diet. I understand that because he's neutered he is more likely to put weight on but he is hungry aaaalllll the time and constantly trying to steal food! He was wormed by the vet. Our other cat is an indoor/outdoor cat and gets regular food. Should Marcel be getting indoor food if he is going to stay indoors? The recommend amount of dry food according to the packet is 60g. I've been giving him this split up into lots of smalls meals with two small scoops of wet food as well otherwise he is just crazy!

So my questions are really, is he overweight? Should he be getting indoor dry food?
I have been investigating the dry foods available here (Belgium) and there is one in my price range without gluten and with meat as the largest ingredient so I have been buying that. Unfortunatly the only indoor dry food in my budget is Friskies which has grain as the largest ingredient and also contains gluten. Hmmm stuck between a rock and a hard place! Any info/views would be very appreciated as I have never had an indoor only cat before.