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Help with my kitten!, Please read

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Im new to this forum but have been looking around and it seems great.

I recently got a kitten, half persian, half grey tabby, shes adorable almost 3 months old.
But shes been very poorly, and as we are expatriets living in Asia the vet service here is not very good.
First of all she has fleas, LOTS of them, she was not well looked after at the petshop and malnourished, the vet gave her stronghold for the fleas and worms. then vaccinated her for catflue etc, the only vaccination she havent had is rabies which she will have in about a month.
So after that she started having diarrhoea, and being a fluffy cat you can imagine the mess... But she was not in pain, she was eating playing and beeing as wild as it goes. And before this she was hardly fed at all, just mothermilk and dirty water, so we assumed it was the meds and new food.

I dont know if it was the stronghold, as we found out recently its supposed to be for adult cats , or just her body going through alot, but after more than a week of feeding her everything I could think of, boiled white fish, rice etc, i was getting worried and took her to the vet again, now she got some pills to clear up the diarrhoea, the vet said it probably was the stronghold and that the pills would clear it right up.
It would not do any harm, and it did get alot better, she was fine after that.

But now she is very poorly...she tries to go to the litterbox but nothing comes out, only bile now and again, kind of slimey ikky...for 24 hours now, she has had it and has not eaten, i have forced her to take water, once an hour, she wont get up and just sleeps, her rectum is very pink and "scoups out" abit.
We took her to the vet again...this morning. he said its not constipation, as we suspected, because her bowels felt empty. And told us to "push" the rectum back in again.
It was most prabably that her bowels was irritated, and he gave us scourban.
Now im wondering, what is scourban? How does it work?
This vet said its antibiotics, and it will also help her relax her muscles as she goes to the litterbox and she dosent need to strain as much and because of the stronghold it could not be worms or intestinal parasites.

Does anyne know how this stronghold works? And what should I feed her? Now that her bowels are so sensetive?

From what I gather from the net scourban is for pets and cattle with diarrhoea, I feel very confused and we have sough second opinions by other vets but they are all pretty much the same, unconserned, or try to sell you all kids of meds, for crazy prices because you are a westerner.

Im very worried about our little one, shes had a very traumatic and hard time, but was on the way of getting better. Please advice on what i could do next.

Im sorry aboout the looooong post, Thanks for reading it!
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I am so sorry to hear your poor kitten is not doing well! I don't know anything about scourban. If it were me, I'd take her off the pills that you were given to help her clear up the diarrhea. Keeping her in liquids is very important....but I'd not worry about the not eating for a couple of days, at least. She's had a lot of medicine in a very short time....and from the sounds of it, wasn't all that healthy to begin with. Give her a day or two of rest, with no more meds....and see if her body regulates itself. Good luck, hope she gets better fast!
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If your little kitten doesn't improve fairly quickly, perhaps you could consult another vet?
Please keep us posted - sending you some kitten get well vibes...
Also, you may find some info in the cats and kittens section!
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I've never heard of scourban, either. I have no idea what it is..

I wish I had some advice to give, but I don't - besides making sure she gets enough water & food.. Can you possibly take her to a different vet??

I hope your furbaby will be okay. Many vibes & blessings are coming your way..

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