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Need some help for my Boo

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Hello everyone, new here to posting but have been coming here to get information for a while now.

Wanted to talk about my almost 16 year old kitty named Boo. He has had chronic diarrhea for almost 8 months and I am so frustrated and upset that this has not been resolved yet. My vet has him getting a B12 shot for a series of 6 weeks total, we are on week 5 now, I guess his B12 was extremely low so then after the 6 weeks we are running blood work again, he just had blood work before we started the 6 week program we are on............does anyone know if this has anything to do with the diarrhea??? It has not changed at all, still runny everytime he goes. I am not sure if vet did a stool test or not but he has suggested Boo could have IBD but vet tech (not vet) mentioned to NOT change his food BEFORE he has the next blood work. I am almost in tears right now writting this, I just want him better......He is thin, about 9lbs, but is not loosing any weight, he gets weighed each week. He has energy, loves eating and I feed him a lot of food, drinks more frequently than my other kitties, his fur is not in the best condition it is not very silky and it is not smooth it is kind of piecy looking.

A bit about his medical history........

He is on Methimazole for thyroid
He takes Brethine Suspension Liquid for Asthma (only when he has trouble breathing which is not all the time)
He takes Prednisalone for the Asthma (same as above, only when breathing trouble)
He is on KD wet and dry - I mix the two

I was reading some of the other posts on the chronic diarrhea and what has helped for some other kitties and was thinking of trying the yogurt, I know he will love that and then see if I might change his food to the Wellness brand, but wondering if I should do this right away or wait for the blood test and to be done with the B12?? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated and thank you for reading this long post, Boo and I appreciate it!!

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I don't have any advice for you as far as the medical stuff goes. I just wanted to say that I hope Boo feels better soon! and that it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job taking care of him!!
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If you can hold out a little longer, you may want to do so, just to make sure the test is accurate--perhaps you can ask the vet directly what his/her opinion is about when to change the food? Sometimes the hyperthyroidism can cause or exaggerate IBD (they seem to often go hand-in-hand). Spot had some symptoms of IBD as well as horrible reactions to nearly every antibiotic (which was hard when we were dealing with bacterial infections--first and abscess, and then a possible bone infection). I tried a few different foods with him and eventually settled on Royal Canin Special 33, which is supposedly formulated for kitties with digestive issues. Ultimately, it depends on the cause of the issues though--if your cat is reacting to a specific ingredient in the food (some common allergens include corn, wheat and soy), then feeding a food that doesn't have that ingredient is more likely to help. With Spot, the RC worked, but I tried a lot of other things first.
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