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Chloe is sick now...

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So most of you followed the "crises" with Berach in the tree and know that he has a little cold now, for which he is being treated.
Now Chloe is sick! and even though the vet said that she would probably catch the cold from Berach, the symptoms aren't even remotely the same.

I noticed her little ears were cold last night (she's usually very warm) and she didn't eat much, but that's not THAT uncommon because she's VERY finicky. I didn't think too much of it.
Today she didn't come running when I got home from work and I had to call her repeatedly to dinner (whether she wants to eat or not this is very unusual).
She came in, took 2 or 3 bites and went back to her hammock to sleep. I checked the catbox after and she had "diarrhead" about a quarter amount onto the floor, right next to her box. I went to check on her and she felt cold
I called the vet, she's going in tomorrow morning, but I'm confused as to what it could be. She doesn't have any of Berach's symptoms, and he's better now anyway, already up to no good (although he's still on his medicine)...
She's not playing at all either although she purrs when you pet her and seems to be in good spirits, but you can just tell that she doesn't feel good... poor baby.
any ideas? she's just had her stitches removed on saturday from her spay and had a full exam at the same time and was fine! also all of her shots are up to date.
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just a bit of an update, she came down from her hammock on the cat tree and ate some, more than earlier.
She went back to sleep for a bit but then she came down again and has been lying in my lap for about an hour now. she seems to be feeling better but she's still going to the vet tomorrow...
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Hoping Chloe gets better quick!
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I cancelled her apt. w the vet because al of a sudden, she's better. and not just better but she seems like she's completely fine... I thnk maybe I freaked a little for no good reason... maybe she ate somethin yucky. anyway I'm keepin an eye on her just in case...
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Hey - I've been known to threaten my own self - "if you don't get better, off to the doctor you go".....and get the same results (soon feeling much better). Regardless of why Chloe felt bad and now feels's nice to know she's doing better now! (you too, Berach!)
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Glad to hear she's better! Our Isaac had the cat flu and it was NASTY. He's all better now though!
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haha, yea, well now I'm not sure? I'm so confused!!

She sleeps all day! and then when I come home she's got a good appetite and will eat and eat, she'll eat all of her wet food and still be hungry so I'll give her a little dry food. She'll play for a few hours and then she'll sleep the rest of the night with me.

all of this seems normal to me but then she doesn't eat breakfast! she'll sniff it and then snub it, and go to her hammock to sleep and then stay there ALL DAY.
then ... same cycle.

Is this normal? Is it ok for her to only eat once a day? ok for her to sleep so much? according to the vet she's in perfect health...

I'm such a worry wart.
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well she seemed to be getting better but now today she didn't seem so hot... actually, she did feel hot, like she had a fever so I took her to the vet.
105 fever... poor baby, and she's also almost lost a lb. from barely eating over the last few days... she's so little already! she was 4.5 and now she's 3 something...

they gave her liquids and she's on meds, I hope she's ok. I think she will be, she seems ok... I just worry becase she's so small and the vet even seems a little concerned. He said he wants to call me tomorrow to check in...

She's still not eating much... don't know what to do.
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Goodness - that's scary. Did she have shots also - or were you just saying they were up to date? My Nadette was adopted on December 5, and had just gotten her shots. She was so "mellow" for about 3 weeks that I was really worried. Then she suddenly snapped out of it, so I attributed it to the shots.
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her shots are all up to date and she had her sutures from her spay removed a week last saturday, she was PERFECT then, she had a full exam.

Doc said she caught whatever Berach had, she just got it worse...
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o boy...

she's been on meds since last post.
Not getting better, so I took her back to the vet today.

Her fever was up to 106... she had to stay overnight.

I went to the vet to visit with her for a little while after I got off work, she was so excited to see me!

She does look a lot better after i.v. drugs and fluids all day, she was all perky and yelling at me
I wish I didn't have to leave her there but her fever is still at 104 so it's best if she stay with the doctors, she's making great progress and she was eating normally while I was there.

Dr. said her immune system was weakened since she was still recovering from her spay and just couldn't fight hard enough when she caught the cold from her brother.

But it looks like she's gonna be okay...

If all goes well she can come home tomorrow night
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