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Bladder surgery recovery

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My cat Coco had to have bladder surgery today to remove a large bladder stone. She did fine during the surgery, and I brought her home this evening. I wasn't able to pick her up due to work, so my fiance picked her up. This means that I don't really know what to expect as far as her recovery goes. I have the sheet of post op instructions about keeping her calm and feeding her the special diet, but I don't know what to expect as far as how she is acting. Anyone whose cat has had this surgery have experiences to share? Thanks!
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Tyler had bladder surgery approx. 3 years ago to remove several calcium oxalate stones. He did better and better day by day re increased volume of voiding and reduced frequency...then he had a very, very rare complication (no one had seen this before...it's the way of my cats, trust me) where he formed a free floating hematoma that settled in such a way that it blocked the ureters so no urine could get out. Long story short, he made it through that, and has been fine since.

I would just really pay attention to if she seems able to void larger amounts and if the frequency seems to slow down (Tyler was straining, and trying to go very, very often with little coming out, prior to his surgery for removal of the stones).

I think he had pain meds for immediately after his surgery and as I recall, I gave him the max amount allowed each day for the first few days. I wanted him to be comfortable and resting well.

If you have any questions at all, I'd just give your vet a call in the am, ask to speak with them or one of the vet techs.
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