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Strange Dream

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Okay, so last night I had a strange dream . . .

I dreamt I was at some small town garage (mom and pop repair shop type thing) somewhere, and I was standing in a bunch of trees along the side of the property. There was a Florida panther in front of me and he jumped up on me with his front paws, not hurting me, almost like giving me a big bear hug. And then animal sevices shot the cat with a tranquilizer, but it was not just any kind. It was killing the cat!!!!! The poor thing laid down on the ground and was heaving and panting, and the look in its eyes was so sad. I remember crying so hard. Then it finally died. . . It was really really sad!! Any interpretations?? Anyone ever had a dream like that before?
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Awww, that would be sad to dream Dreams are so real!
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i used to have a really good book on Animal Spirit Guides, but someone borrowed it and never gave it back

Anyway since in your dream the Cougar touched you, that is significant, like a marking. Means Cougar has a message for you.

Check out this site, look and feel cougars wisdom and decide which part pulls at you. The one that you feel drawn too is what you need to find out how it fits in your life.

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Ahhh...it was just a dream! I often have nightmares about grizzly bears trying to kill me. I have had them for years, but I never understood why. Sometimes dreams are really bizarre. I know you have lupus, do you take any medication? I am on several medications and sometimes it triggers crazy dreams.
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Meds can sometimes trigger very bizarre dreams.

Last week I had one where all the kitties had to live in files in the file cabinet. They were healthy and happy, but would squish flat when the drawer was closed. Not quite sure where that came from!
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i have often had dreams of a being a wolf, and running chasing things hehe, and of being a hawk or some type of bird where i kept feeling like i wanted to swoop down and kill something.

As for meds, oh man, i had one med that was giving me some really strange, and messed up dreams. those ended when the meds did. AS as side note, never tell you wife really strange dreams, she was mad at me for weeks after lol
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