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Dust Buster Kitty

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I thought I would share this with all of you, friends of mine that have witnessed this said they've never seen anything like it.

Every time we turn on the dust buster my cat comes running, even if he is sleeping at the other end of the house! Feel free to share this link with friends

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That's hilarious!!!
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Tee!! Hee! Funny. Maybe you could tie the cat to a stick first and brush the cobwebs down, and then give the cat a good clean after (Joke).
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Hee! That was funny and cute! I wish my kitties would let me do that to them.
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My dog likes the dustbuster too!! I thought she was the only one!!
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Trout would be
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How cute! Mine run from it. It's an easy way to remove loose hair.
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I wish I could get them to let me do that! My two run away from the carpet sweeper...a real vacuum could send them over the edge

Chester is a cutie!
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My Fred loved the Dustbuster. He liked to lie on his back and have it used on his tummy. Then he would turn over and lie on his tummy to have it used on his back and head.
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How cute!

I don't have a dust buster, but Chynna absolutely loves the vacuum cleaner. If I haven't put it away she uses the power head as a pillow, and as soon as I pull it out to use it she comes running and throws herself down on the floor in front of me or jumps on the nearest table to where I am and demands to be vacuumed. She's fine with the upholstery brush or just the hose, it's all good for her. So everytime I vacuum I have to take 10 minutes or so to vacuum her too, LOL

Abby on the other hand as soon as she sees me touch the vacuum she's gone!
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Oh my goodness! Too cute! My cats would run! He's a gorgeous cat!!!!!
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