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Can someone help

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I have 5 cats ranging in age from 5 to about 13. One of my 13 year old cats--Dunkin Donuts has had IBD for years and has been through surgery and hospitalization twice. For the past 2 years he was peeing in the bathroom sink but now the peeing has gotten so bad the he pees all over the place. He was tested for urine problems and he has none. I have had him since 99 and am not sure where to turn for help. His IBD has gotten worse over the years and I thought we were going to lose him last month.

Any advice?
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Has he had other testing done, such as checking thyroid, blindness, muscle control in the pelvic area? Is he still alert or seem kind of distant (thinking more along the lines of disillusionment)?

I would see if your vet can do a full blood screen. If they have and didn't find anything, try another vet for a second opinion. Its tough as you put some much trust in a vet, however if the second one can spot something the first couldn't, you'll be in luck.
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I have taken the liberty of moving your thread to the Heath & Nutrition forum where more people who may have experience with this will see it.

That being said, I am sorry that I can't offer you anything more than many sincere good wishes that you can get your little furry one feeling better soon.
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In the mean time, get plastic liners for your beds and switch to Cat Attract Litter. My senior cat had litter box issues when he got very sick last year and Cat Attract brought him back to the litter box.
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I second the senior cat attract...

What is he eating>>
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In this case, I would confine him to a room where it can be easily cleaned so that he doesn't ruin carpet, etc. Maybe a cat specialist would be needed?
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