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Im pretty sure...

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i heard from one of my neighbors that adult cat spit contains some kind of acid that can be deadly to humans...?
I think he may just be blowing smoke but i thought i would ask anyway.

I dont beleave this is true... my adult calico has licked me hundreds of times and im fine.
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I've never heard that in all my years of having cats.
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I've heard of some people being allergic to cat spit and that if we get bitten by a cat (punctured) and some of their saliva gets into our bloodstream then the area bitten needs to be treated with shots right away.

However I've never heard of spit killing us.
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Boy am I in trouble then I have one cat that drools when being petted and another that loves to lick my hands and arms.

However cat scratches and bites can get infected very easily, causing blood poisoning, so maybe that's what he meant
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Hmmm interesting..... Never heard of it. There is a gal on here who has a parrot and she tells me cat spit is deadly to the parrot, I believe I am remembering that right. I wouldn't worry if I were you. That guy, who knows
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never heard of it, my kitty licks me all the time
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Well there are a few things here

It is a fact though that a healthy dog does have healing properties in its saliva, and if it was to lick a small wound on you it will speed up the healing.
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