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I'm so embarrassed........

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this woman from my work was driving me home and had to use the bathroom, my place is a mess mess mess right now, I need to scoop the boxes...it stinks in other words, what's worse then anything is that we were talking earlier about me possibly renting from her....granted it is not always this bad but still....our apartment is small and we have a lot of animals. I'm just really embarrassed.....don't get me started on what the bunny room looked like, they are not quite litter box trained yet.....
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Relax... IMHO no decent humans are going to hold a little pet mess against you
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right now I'd say it's kind of a big pet mess though.....I meant to scoop this morning before I left for work but ended up running late so that didn't happen. It really is that bad in here right now though. looks like a tornado hit...
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Well if it didnt I wouldnt believe you had pet s that were not in a glass tank
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I hate having people over when our house is messy too.

However keep in mind, sometimes your house isn't as bad as the other persons
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lol, yeh wish that was the case, I'm pretty sure she is a clean freak which makes it so bad......
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Oh no! My place is a big NASTY mess too. I'm always imbarrassed when my SO's family comes over. They like to do that a lot....It drives me crazy. If my SO would help clean it wouldn't be so bad, but he doesn't, so it is bad.

I'm sure that lady has seen worse though. You have NO idea how some people live. My granny rented out housing and almost all of her renters were absolutely disgusting! I helped her clean two houses in which both renters desided it was completely okay to let their large dogs to their business inside. It was SICK! Those dogs had to have been using the house to potty for at least 2 months for the place to be that full of poo.

So in other words, you are a clean renter compaired to many.
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Think about it this way, you can tell her she's seen the worst of it and invite her over again when you've had some time to clean up. Chances are, if she's open to renting to someone with so many animals, she might be more understanding than you think
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