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I found this link from the Peta website. Very cruel!

"The majority of animals sold at PETCO come from breeding mills. At PETA, we have received complaints from horrified employees at some of the bird, reptile, and other small animal breeding mills that ship to PETCO. Many animals arrive before they are weaned and become so sick from transport that they die along the way or shortly after they arrive at PETCO."

From the Petco Cruelty Website
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I am moving this to the S.O.S. Forum which is where it belongs.
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Thanks Hissy!
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Yup! Unfortunatly I've been aware of this for years.

I personally no longer shop at petco, haven't for close to a year now.
I will say, at the witness of OTHER people, there are some good petco's out there, which take care of any sickly animals that show up, and make them happy and healthy before they leave.
But under all of the managament I have seen in the Northern Virginia stores, I am sickened.

Their ferrets are normally ill. I've never heard of them starting to get their animals from another source (normally it's Marshall Farms).. Animal.. something or other, it's 3 words. I believe they are based out of NJ.
And a lot of the ferrets coming to them are all ADV+!!!!

So if you visit a Petco, I would advice against bringing your animal in (specially the smaller creatures), and would suggest you wash your hands, and spray your clothes down with lysol disinfectant spray or just change your clothes, and wash the dirty one.

The stores I have seen, don't bother to take care of their rodents because they are all there just as FEEDERS. They do not seperate the males from the females, their are many sick, pregnant and even DEAD animals in shared cages.
I bought a rat from them once, kept her in quarinteen for the recommened period of time. When I finally put her and my other pet rat (who I had had for a year) together, the new one died, and a few days later so did the other one.
I went back to Petco and told them what happened, all they did was give me a store certificiate card for $5.00 (the cost of the one rat.)
They never even said they were sorry, I had tried to talk to several of the managers (they had high turn overs in that area) and none of them cared, they said they follow what the chain stores policy is, re caring for the animals.

I know 2 of the mills they get animals from are Marshall's (ferret) and Kaytee (bird). I no longer buy products from either, as much as possible.
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We don't have Petco here in Canada, but if we did I would'nt give them a penny! I think it's awful what they do to their birds and other small animals! I saw one picture on Petno of a little bird that was dieng . I cried as I read about it.
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I would normally share the same feelings and take a stand not to shop at PetCo. The only problem is finding somewhere to buy pet supplies. Most "mom and Pop" pet stores buy the puppies and kittens from mills. If I have to make a choice, I would have to choose Petco where they don't sell cats, dogs, or rabbits
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Sandie: Do you have a petsmart near you, they tend to be a lot better then Petco's.

And there is always the option to order things from various sources online, sometimes including straight from the food/toy makers.
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Our closest PetSmart is about 45 minutes from here. That's where we got our daughters Teddy Bear Hamster I do order most of my stuff online, but there are times when I need it ASAP. Before I could get thier food at work, I used to have to buy it at PetCo. We never had it shipped because it was hard to plan when we needed it, and it adds up with the shipping.
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Some pet stores are really horrible. We have one here, and the cages are always filthy and they always have sick birds, rodents, and fish. I bought a pet rat, Rizzo, from them and he had diarrhea and a respiratory infection. I spent $100 in vet bills on Rizzo.
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I am going to lock this thread because I fear we could be slipping into territory in which we could get in trouble for libelous behavior. I actually saw this happen on another web site where the web owner AND members were actually sued for making negative statements against a pet store. I don't want to see this happen to Anne, so I will lock the thread now.

I truly hope this doesn't anger or offend anyone. And, I would not do this had I not witnessed the previous law suit.
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